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Polskie Zniwa Pack V2 by MajsterX
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Polskie Zniwa Pack V2 by MajsterX

Welcome all interested in my modpackiem :)
This time presents a short video to have a nice watching :)
Personally I play these modes it seems to me that a nice useful Modpack teeth well to start the harvest!
Of course, a very modest Modpack which presents machines which most caught my attention.
Please patiently and stupid comments. Regards :)

1.Ursus c-360
Authors: Marcello1942, Rockstar94, Philip, CatFan18
2.Ursus 912
Authors: Marcello1942, Spinah, pawlo101299
3.Bizon Z056 / 7 v 1.0
Authors: Marcello1942, Asd4, Fumski, Rockstar94, DEATHdriver, LESTER89
6 5 4.MBP
Author: FSH Modding
5.Sipma with 224/1
Author: Author: Perkins Burner Svitch
Texture: eloelo52i0
Konwert with ls ls 13 to 15 Rolnik7245
6.Autosan D47 v2


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