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Production map v2.0
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Production map v2.0

This has greenhouse production and wool production milk production and brewery production as well as many big fields and over 12 different types of animals.
Greenhouse production of lettuce cabbage tomato cauliflower raspberry strawberry.
Many Animals are cows chickens sheep pig beef cows2 sheep2 lamb chickens2 ostrich pony rabbit goose.

Production map v2 has many fixed errors from v1 and more detail like to updated port and boats near the lake next to train stationand wider dirt road near lumberyard.

me pinguar marhu farmer andy

  • @pinguar
    2016-05-29 11:16
    why cant u use a mod hub link to download
  • Roby
    2016-05-29 11:34
    Over 900mb, from uploaded.net ??? impossible :(
  • Gégé
    2016-05-29 11:45
    6 heures de téléchargementpour ma part sur le site,est t'il possible de passer par modhub ?
  • Pinguar
    2016-05-29 11:49
    its on hodhoster site as there download so try there
  • Gégé
    2016-05-29 13:42
    va sur http://www.farming2015mods.com cela est moins long
  • Gégé
    2016-05-29 14:18
    Merci pour l'info,effectivement 20 minutes de dl en adsl s'est mieux.
  • Jovanie
    2016-05-29 15:14
    4 a 5 min via modhub
  • Gégé
    2016-05-29 15:36
    à JOVANIE,tu une connexion fibre ?
  • Jovanie
    2016-05-29 15:50
    yes en fibre
  • Gégé
    2016-05-29 17:56
    à JOVIANIE,pas encore fibré là ou j'habite,sa viendras un jour.
  • Husker slowboat
    2016-05-30 03:10
    Good map but where is the seed cleaning machine so I can use the seeds for the green houses?
  • Fred
    2016-05-30 12:34
    Bonne map dans l'ensemble,mais il aurais fallut plus de fruits,comme par exemple carotte oignon et d'autre semences.
  • Bigmaster67
    2016-05-30 22:46
    impossible de décharger les copeau de bois pour la scierie le reste fonctionne il semblerai qu'il manque le déclencheur sinon dans l'ensemble très jolie map bon travail
  • Tim


    2016-05-31 06:29
    need mod to do animal husbandry...i only get pigs
  • Frits
    2016-05-31 14:11
    good map but where can I find the seed for the greenhouse
  • Neil
    2016-06-01 16:59
    Anybody know where I can actually sell all my stuff from the greenhouses? Great map otherwise.
  • Neil
    2016-06-01 17:02
    @FRITS Just use Wheat as your seed in the Greenhouses by the way.
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-02 01:47
    No animal trailers for horses (called "ponies" in this map) or ostriches. I tried adding these animal types to a mod trailer's xml files, but still couldn't load these animals into the trailer.
  • Frits
    2016-06-02 17:24
    @Jeremy look for Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack.ziplook at the photos on the website
  • Frits
    2016-06-02 17:32
    can someone tell me where the fuel must go in sawingmill
  • Frits
    2016-06-02 17:39
    @NEIL look at the photos on the website
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-03 00:18
    @Frits: I tried that. No animal trailer I could find had ostriches or ponies as filltypes, so I tried adding them by editing the .xml files. I still didn't work.
  • Frits
    2016-06-03 10:49
    @Jeremy send your e-mail a send you the Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack.zip version 1.9autor Marhu
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-04 09:49
    @Frits: thanks for the offer, but I visited marhu.net and found the latest version for the Fliegl Animal Transport Pack, version 2.1. I took a gamble hoping it would work since I don't speak German (and Marhu's site is in German), but it appears that the latest version includes ostriches and ponies, including the young versions of these animals. I have yet to try it, and if it doesn't work, I'll be posting here again.
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-05 03:26
    I still can't load ponies into animal trailers. I haven't yet tried ostriches.
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-05 05:25
    Finally figured out how to load ponies onto trailers. There's a small door on the side of the barn next to a picture of a horse. You need to open that door, maneuver a trailer up to it (not much room for long trailers here), and then proceed to load the trailer. Note: you can't unfold the trailer before loading. You must load with it folded/closed (which makes no sense, but it seems to work).
  • Nebular
    2016-06-05 17:27
    Great map! Just wanted to see if it was intended to be a Europe style instead of a US style map due to the traffic flow. The posted pics show vehicles being driven on the right side, however, I see all of the AI traffic driving on the left.
  • Jeremy
    2016-06-08 09:13
    Cerain animals can't be unloaded from a trailer into the barn: sheep2, cow2 (but not beef cattle; those load and unload just fine), and lambs. They can be loaded from the barn onto a trailer, but not unloaded.
  • Finnist
    2016-06-10 20:25
    i cant figure out how to feed ostriches anything but straw fattening chickens wont except total mixed ration whats the wool and milk places for by the young cow and sheep barns
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-06-13 04:34
    Many things don't work for me. Young chickens will not unload. Other animals child triggers are hard to find in barns and not obvious. When animals are fattened and ready to be sold I can not load them. There are no parent triggers just young animal triggers for load.
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-06-13 04:35
    No name fruit and veggie sell point was found by accident in the middle of map. There is not even a sell tip indicator on PDA I even have updated PDA overlays. Also, where do I buy laying chickens for laying egg production. This would be a 5 star map if it were not for not being able to sell a single animal that I have raised. Hint... update with multi fruit, ie. hops, oats, rye, ect. LOL
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-06-13 04:44
    As far as animal transport. I found the FSM_Iveco_Clixtar_Pack.zip her on modhub to be a good one. It has a quick hook up and drop. Small enough to fit into the smaller areas. Many different trailer types. I also use the B_MAN_TGS_Agrar_Wechselbruecken.zip. Though the hook up and drop makes you get out of the truck and operate levers on side.
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-06-13 04:49
    My other problem is I loaded some beef breed into the conversion barn and now I can't get the milk breed to load barn is full. Load trigger not there. Unload young beef fine. Have not tried sheep sheering barn yet.
  • Bulwark_77
    2016-06-13 04:55
    I know I have wrote a lot. I just like this map to work better. It's a good one with a lot to do. If it would work. The other problem is the vegie I think cabbage ( between the raspberries and tomatoes.) will not auto load onto the trailer. I have no problem with the other fruits auto loading.
  • Frits
    2016-06-13 15:22
    @Bulwark_77 The FS15_flieglDPW180.zip. for auto load al fruits see pictures for selling point
  • Jacques
    2016-06-22 23:50
    hello j'ai télécharger la map que je trouve très bien pourrais tu faire ou ajouter oignions et carottes a semer dans les champ cela me serais fortement sympathique (et surtot ne touche a rien d'autre pour moi et mon style e jeux elle me convient tout a fait. juste te dire un grand merci de penser a ceux de mon ages 61ans ce jeux me passionne mais ta map me comble merci d'avance a très bientôt
  • Challenger
    2017-07-25 10:32
    Can some one please answer the question about where to get the egg laying chicks for egg production building.
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