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Raise rear hydraulics v3.51
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Raise rear hydraulics v3.51


zzz_setBackLinkage.zip this ensures that the lower links of the rear hydraulics are raised when you attach a trailer via ball head. Connects additionally a PTO, the lower link of the rear hydraulics are degraded. Thus, since nothing can get in the way: whistling: (cornering ..).

Version 3.51
Bugfix für den Fehler '.. /zzz_setBackLinkageUp/SetBackLinkageUp.lua:479: attempt to index global 'ManualAttaching' (a nil value)' der bei Laden des ersten Fahrzeuges auftrat, wenn man den manualAttaching Mod von Wopster nicht im Modordner hatte. Nun gehts auch ohne diesen Mod. Sorry für den Fehler..

Hotfix 1.1:
The rear linkage is now only lowered when the trailer is uncoupled with Kugelkopfanhängung from the tractor. Before that happened even if, for example forward still had a weight, and the abkoppelte first.

Declaration on the xml entry:
In the modDesc the zzz_setBackLinkage.zip or the Fzg.xml the stretcher can be adjusted a few things .. In addition one examined in the modDesc following line: (This line can you also add in Fzg.xml the tractor to specifically for this Tractor adjust the values)
<setBackLinkageUp maxRot="25" rotSpeed="0.45" doDismantleBackLinkageIfPTOIsNeeded="true" />

First day:
This value indicates how far the Herckhydraulik is lifted.

Second day:
This value indicates how fast the rear hydraulics is raised and lowered.

Third day:
Here it is determined whether the lower links of the rear hydraulics to degrade when connecting a PTO with the tractor. If they do not degrade, then fill in the 'true' set to 'false'.

Script und Idee: Ifko[nator], Website: http://www.modding-welt.com/forum/ Hilfestellung: Marhu, Website: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/app.php/portal

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