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Ringwoods Final Map Update v1.8
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Ringwoods Final Map Update v1.8


V1.8MF 478mb zip, Ringwoods Map Update, Multiplayer YES. Map opimised via a second GE pass to reduce size. Ringwoods 1.8MF is log error free .

Important Change:  You need to unzip the main file and you will have RingwoodsV18MFupdate and 9 other zip files plus a short notepad readme PLACE ALL ZIP FILES in your mod folder. The included AnimationMapTrigger has the functions for the Gates, Roof and Doors to the new chicken fattening shed at the North Farm.

Ringwoods loads error free for thousands of users:

IF Ringwoods Fails to load it will be due to a MOD Conflict/limit in your current MOD folder.
Try This: Rename your current MOD Folder to say mods3. Create a new mod folder named mods, place just the 10 Ringwoods zip files into it and load the game, select the map and see if it loads, It should. If it does load slowly bring in your mods from the folder you renamed and keep testing until Ringwoods fails to load again, Now Remove the conflicting mod/mods from the folder.

Starting equipment is better than basic and worth +999k if sold towards mods.

It would be a great help to others If you could comment on how this map performs with your PC system specs. This plays perfectly on our systems with settings set to HIGH and 2xAS , 2xAA enabled. Win7 64bit, 8gb Ram, Xeon quad core CPU's and Geforce 670 MSI graphics cards.

For players new to Ringwoods the map was based on the original Westbridge map, it has a huge surrounding natural forestry trail which rings the full map on it's pushed back boundarys without sacrificing any field space. To say a few trees are pre-planted is an understatment and it's a fun place to take a break from farming with an off road pickup. Field layouts have been changed from the Westbridge original map to make a better operating environment. There are 3 large farms, Multiple ways to make money and places to sell. 3 sawmills and a main mill with Marhu's sawmill at it's center. Animal fattening pigs, beef and chickens, Compost factory, Farmer_Andy's new salad factory, 4 fenced empty flat areas for placeable mods, a wool pallet collector and more. The trees have had photoshop work and so have most of the textures in the map making it a beautiful place to farm in.

Mods you will need:
Animal transport trailer like Marhu's Joskin Betimax RDS7500, A multi trailer and shovel that can transport and tip compost, A multi tanker like Farmer_Andy's Kotte Garant that can transport and fill water, fuel, fertilizer and liquid manure.

Thanks to all that pointed  out small issues for me to fix or change ready for this update, they have all been addresed.  I'm 1 guy and I make mistakes but I fix them fast if I'm made aware.

New For V18MF

This can be considered as the final version of the Ringwoods map although it will be maintained with future updates where needed.

Field 11 layout area change presents a nice large square field now.

After the field 11 area change a new area was created for th flour mill and it's tip point.

Fields 14 and 15 were flipped and resized which now presents field 15 as the second largest field in the game. Fields 14 and 15 are split by a ploughable grass lane which if joined would create the largest field on the map. Roads and gated entrances were adjusted around this area.

The Southfarm layout has been finished and includes a flat placeable area and storage sheds.

The Northfarm layout has also been finished and now includes a small pond near the barn where you can back a water tanker in and fill like at the main farm.

Silo's have all been updated with new signs and digital amount readouts.

Tree collision is back on for all trees now.

Ringwoods Mutifruit, now when I first implemented this I hated the way it looked so I set about changing it, you will see what I mean.

Next came embedded fill plains and particles from the loading, unloading and fruit in trailers so all the fruits are correct and I did the compost soil as well so all trilers will so the correct load.

The woods have increased tree density and have had more texture and ground work.

The Cow Navmesh is fixed at the feeding trophs in the cowzone. Cows will no longer stand in the trophs or do handstands trying to get to the feed.

Prices for pallet boards have been slightly decreased.

A new Spinnery  tip point has been added for the sale of cotton.

Other tip points and sale points have had the new fruits added where needed.

The garden centers yard has need enlarged near the compost sale point

Chopped Straw is added to the map.

Some of the auto gates have been adjusted where they hit the ground.

Some of the fencing has been adjusted where it looked wrong.

They PDA is adjusted, correct and the map is upto date with the new areas.

Much more but you'll not notice and over the weeks I've forgot.

Special thanks to bassaddict and Robbie for helping me out with my multifruit issues the other night on FS-UK.

Thanks to upsidedown, Farmer_Andy and Marhu for creating simple easy to install and use scripts and mods for us to enjoy.
V1.8MF END. Stevie.

Original by Giant's, Models and scripts by Marhu, Farmer_Andy, Wizznall, Upsidedown, Nils, Luke_BK and JHML. Mod Map by Stevie.

  • Ty352fg
    2015-05-15 18:13
    I have no idea how you do everything so quick. Can't wait to try it out tonight.Thanks Stevie! This...is....simply....Awesome.Ty
  • Jerry t.
    2015-05-15 18:18
    Stevie,WOW....I wasn't even expecting to find v1.8. I was writing a blog post http://jerrygtaylor.com/farm/ and planned to link to the modhub page for v1.7 and saw the info about 1.8 and am downloading now. Jerry
  • Jerry t.
    2015-05-15 18:19
    I've got more to say than what I can say in 500 characters....Ty had recommended that I try 1.7 after experiencing some issues with another map mod. I've been on 1.7 since it was released and truly have been having a ball. I love the layout and function of what you have done and I look forward to starting all over with v1.8 and learning about planting cotton and all the new fruit you've added to the mix.
  • Jerry t.
    2015-05-15 18:21
    Final comment and I'll be quite...I've spent the better part of 30 years experiencing flying computer sims all around the world. During the modern internet age I've come to know that you can truly count on the talents and abilities of those giving back to the flight sim community. I'm relatively new to Farming Sim but am learning the same good qualities exist over here as well in people like yourself who spend countless hours creating something like this for us all to enjoy.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-15 19:00
    Thanks you Jerry, It must have had a few thousand hours over the last 7 months, I hope you enjoy the Final version just as much. I am taking a break from modding now as my dad is very i'll and we've been told he has only a few months here with us. Take care Jerry and thank TY for me.
  • Cwj108
    2015-05-15 19:05
    thanks stevie!
  • Firez34
    2015-05-15 19:08
    No problem CWJ
  • Soggytoast
    2015-05-15 19:54
    hey stevie, did you fix the first 2 silos being bugged and unable to totally empty the silage?
  • Firez34
    2015-05-15 20:01
    Hi SOGGYTOAST I did apply the y coordinates from 3 and 4 and haven't had a problem however another user on another site did report having the issue with 3 and 4 but I heard nothing else from him. The new Giant's 1.3 patch fixes it though and it's release is soon.
  • Kian
    2015-05-15 23:26
    having trouble loading your new map when i go to start it the hourglass flips back and forth but it never says loading and will not start. any idea what might be causing it? i so love your map really enjoy spening hours playing it
  • Firez34
    2015-05-15 23:39
    Did you start a new save, did you try placing all the files in a mod folder on it's own and test, did you put all the zips into your mod folder even if you had some in already. Ringwoods hates any bad mods, and some maps as well.
  • Freestate farmer
    2015-05-16 02:02
    Sad about your dad bro. Thanx for everything so far.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-16 02:04
    Yeah devastated. catch you later.
  • Taber
    2015-05-16 02:18
    Working great here! I haven't been all over the map yet but so far it looks sweet. Thanks so much for putting multi-fruit in this one!
  • Maiklfox
    2015-05-16 02:39
    Here people learn how to do card ... THANKS !!!
  • Soggytoast
    2015-05-16 04:04
    how do you harvest the cotton
  • Alabama guy
    2015-05-16 04:46
    John Deere 9950 Cotton Harvester V1.2 this harvest cotton I think the other ones like for cotton works haven't tried it yet.. hope this help. it needs to be work on maybe stevie can fix this mod and sorry to hear that for you man spend much time you can when they are gone you'll miss them forever..
  • Firez34
    2015-05-16 12:08
    Any maize/corn cutter will do the job buddy. The multifruit adds it to them in the map.
  • Dasbaby
    2015-05-16 13:23
    Wie kann ich Diesel in den Generator bringen? Er ist leer und ich kann ihn mit keinem Hänger auffüllen! HILFE!!!!!!!!
  • Firez34
    2015-05-16 13:42
    DASBABYHier gehen Sie das ist, was Sie brauchen.http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1752Stevie.
  • Nexans
    2015-05-16 18:36
    SalutMerci pour cette superbe map.On l utilise sur notre serveur depuis le debut on fait juste quelque modif,continu comme ca elle est top et pas de beug .Merci
  • Firez34
    2015-05-16 18:45
    Hello and thank you for your comment, enjoy your time with Ringwoods Map, Stevie.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-16 18:47
    Bonjour et merci pour votre commentaire, profiter de votre temps avec Ringwoods Plan, Stevie.
  • Feldwebelnl
    2015-05-16 21:24
    Hey StevieAgain thanks for a great update. Few things though...Drove by the CMP and noticed half the buidling is transparant. Is this only at my pc or do more people have this problem?Is it possible to include the old FS2013 BGA bucket instead of these Fliegl buckets with the loading ramp? Or the include a conveyor to stand next to the ramp?
  • Feldwebelnl
    2015-05-16 22:21
    By the way. I'm using a Intel I5 3470 with 8GB, 250GB SATA and a Nvidia GTX760.Map works like a charm except from crashing engines so now and than. But that's not your fault. This game crashes (completely random)even without mods without warning and .
  • Jaden
    2015-05-16 23:39
    could you convert mafm v2 from 13 to 15? I really liked that map and I am bad at modding
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 00:02
    Jaden I'm not modding now for a while, even my next project is on hold.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 00:05
    Feldwebelnl I'm checking going to check around CMP now. I'll let you know and post pics, Crashing I don't know It hasn't crashed on us or error'd once since built.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 00:14
    Feldwebelnl there is a problem with CMP's hangar texture. I will fix it for around Friday next week that way anything else get's reported I can include fixes for tehm as well. Cheers Stevie.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 00:30
    Feldwebelnl Texture is fixed I had left an alpha channel on it from editing. Will be included in next week V1.81 issue fixes. ANY MORE PEOPLE please report them before Tuesday.
  • Name
    2015-05-17 01:53
    Tree collision is back on for all trees now. and performance is down now,the last update was beter performance of map but multi fruit is good. can i copy and paste tree files of the last up date to bring back performance ?? thanx
  • Soas
    2015-05-17 02:13
    the only thing i cant get to work is MiniMax addon other than that map is great
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 02:44
    NAME don't do that it won't work. You need to replace all the trees you want collision off in giant's editor. Select 1 tree say ash15m, select lod1, select rigidbody and untick collision. Then go to edit select replace, select another ash15mtree, hit load, select the tree you edited and select load and hit replace all. All tree type on map will be changed at once.
  • Dasbaby
    2015-05-17 08:38
    Danke FIREZ34!!!!!
  • Name
    2015-05-17 12:57
    i,ll try that thanx.it is just ash ,oak ,ect not pine trees what is glichy,when u cut with saw thay take off .
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 22:00
    Other one is maple. Remember to color in the water planes once you've edited the map in white again. We haven't got glitch pines when we play.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-17 22:03
    One other thing as well we aren't having any performance issues either even with all the collision on our 3 systems. But again that's what the map was designed to run on. That makes it virtually impossible for me to sort out as I can't replicate the problems with frame rates/performance users are having now. Stevie.
  • Aleksei
    2015-05-18 18:01
    Скажите пожалуйста firez34 не могли бы вы сделать этот объект http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2015-mods/fir-tree-set-v1-0-beta/ покупаемым в магазине заранее большое спасибо .
  • Sweet250
    2015-05-19 00:35
    Stevie, it looks great, and just to let you know, I'm running on windows 8.1 with 5th gen intel i7, on 8gb of installed memory. The scenery is so clear, I did not believe it at first. I'm still working on building my own map, but was going to ask how to people make bigger maps, because I want something bigger than the standard map size.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-19 15:27
    Hi Sweet250, go to FS-UK.com and all the tutorials that you need are there buddy.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-19 15:28
    Ringwoods V1.81fixes is finished and will be uploaded soon.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-20 00:27
    V1.81 is now live for download.
  • Jerry t.
    2015-05-20 14:33
    Hi Stevie,I have a question when you have time. I noticed yesterday when farming on 1.8 I received a notification stating "the Station is ready to pay higher price for sunflower". On the map "the Station" appears to be showing the grain silos on the South, North and Main Farm locations. How does one sell to these other silos? ThanksJerry
  • Firez34
    2015-05-21 13:16
    Hi! Jerry you can no longer sell at the farm silo's I must have forgot to remove the price multiplier and area setting from the trigger. Sorry about that.
  • Ggorman6
    2015-05-24 19:13
    I'm missing something basic, I think. I cannot find a button to download Ringwoods. On the main list of all of your mods, I see Ringwoods Final Map Updates, but it just brings me to this page with the description and comments.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-24 22:29
    GGORMAN6 download links are above these comment's.
  • Hwyhooligan
    2015-10-03 05:48
    Thanks for the great work Stevie! I'm having issues at the main farm silo's trigger not working for some tippers and also wanted to know if the compost company takes wrapped bales of silage like the BGA does? I dumped one in but it just bounced around for a bit before settling to the bottom almost out of sight.
  • Devin
    2015-10-10 03:10
    I'm sorry, I cannot figure out how to load the seeds in the Perfect Produce farm. I know, lol. Laugh as you should.
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