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Samara volga v2.5
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Samara volga v2.5

This is an edited map Samara_Volga_FS15v2.1. On the map fixed minor bugs and added a little bit of innovation. What's new in version 2.5 Samara volga - prescribe SoilMod from Decker_MMIV Updated fattening pigs from calves to versii5.0.0 Marhu. Added skotnyyrynok version 2.0.0 from Marhu. Added animated sawmill v1.10 from Marhu. Added mill and bakery, as well as a small orchard.

Model: VAHHOB022
Texture: VAHHOB022
Script: VAHHOB022
Idea / Concept: VAHHOB022
Testing: VAHHOB022

  • Djosha
    2016-06-25 03:42
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    Probably the best Russian map. Very involving.
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