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Silage Cargo Trailers v1.0
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Silage Cargo Trailers v1.0

Hello MH! :-)

I have decided to remake the Cargo Trailer from the BigX 1100 Beast Pack from Bullgore. I have made different versions to suit different machines. The trailers has all the standard functions of the original mod.

In the package you will find:
+ Claas Edition
+ Fendt Edition
+ Red Edition
+ Blue Edition
+ Black Edition

What has been done:
+ New Reflectionmap
+ New Wheels
+ Optimized Textures
+ New Colors

+ Overloading
+ Open/Close Bunker (Default Key "M")
+ Bunker rotate (Default Key "X")
+ Raise/Lower Frontaxle (Default Key "V")

OBS! This mod is not allowed to be uploaded on other sites. If you do it anyway, at least use the original link & credits!
I want to thank Bullgore for letting me upload this mod!
Hope you all enjoy!


Model: Repi, Johnny1980, Astropolis
Texture: Repi, Astropolis
Script: Biedens, Upsidedown, Ago, Bullgore
Idea / Concept: Bullgore, Astropolis
Testing: Astropolis

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