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Silage Silo v1.3
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Silage Silo v1.3

here a repositionable silage silo with a capacity of 700000L!
The UPK of mor2000 is mandatory !!!
You can download it here - Download UPK
The upload on other websites is permitted only with original link !!!


  • Guest
    2015-03-11 20:27
    These silos are excellent! I have them all over my map and much easier than the bunker silos. Original bunker silos have leftover invisible silage and cannot reload so they have been replaced with these. Work great, unload, load, keeps track of what is in the silo. No issues in hours of playing.
  • Faelandaea
    2015-10-19 23:02
    I love these silos. But for some reason in FS2015 whenever I place one of these the map icon for it is HUGE! This doesn't happen with any other place-able object that is not UPK related, so I am not sure if UPK is a bad mod or if this is. Any ideas?
  • Vader
    2015-12-24 18:08
    It would be nice if this was just placeable for non modders cuz i could really use this bad boy
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