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TwinFallsIdahoFarms v3.2
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TwinFallsIdahoFarms v3.2

Just a map I wanted to make for myself and I thought I would share. This is the only map that has a actual Town on it! I mean a full town not just a street or two with houses. And there is a ton of stuff to  see and discover all over the map so you may have to do some walking! Plenty of fields to keep everyone busy, and plenty of forest to cut down also. There is enough to keep all players busy. Even has places for the tourist to visit and see the natural beauty of TwinFalls, Idaho. This map was not made from google maps, just my version of it. Its a very large map so even driving around will take some time! You'll never get bored on this map!


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    it won't work for me
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    it won't work for me at all
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