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VW T5 police Austria v2.0
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VW T5 police Austria v2.0


version 2.0
changed size
4 versions (DB; DB LED front flashers; LED; LED & LED front flashing) DB = double flash
installed Searchlight (no function)
amended Plate in 4 different numbers

I want my VW T5 police Austria Introduce and offer you to download today.
Caveat: A WARM thank you to Patrick13 for the disposal position of his BMW and M3's A WARM thank you also goes to welpenenzym209

the credits:
Undercarriage BMW M3: Patrick13 ([original] https://www.modhoster.de/mods/bmw-m3-e92)
Bodywork, rims , L enkrad: welpenenzym209
Ingamed: John Deere 5615F (I)

Among the features:
Blue light (Light Addon required) https://www.modhoster.de/mods/light-addon
dimmed headlights
high beam
Reversing lights
More can be found in the pictures !!!!!
Important info!!!
Who Mekert it must keep to himself.
And there is a further version enter but only when you can obstruct the Light Addon Work Lights.
I please you polite enough this mod NOT on a separate page upload !!
So enough said I wish you much fun with the mod.
Best regards
John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gameing)

Untergestell BMW M3: Patrick13 ([original]https://www.modhoster.de/mods/bmw-m3-e92)
Karrosserie,Felgen, Lenkrad: welpenenzym209
Ingamed: John Deere 5615F (ich)

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