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Xozain v1.0
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Xozain v1.0

Baler makes a round bale volume of 4000 liters, while pressing the X button in the film wraps for fermentation in silage.


  • Name
    2016-10-18 21:39
    Reskin of the McHale fuison 3 by SamN you forgot the original credits
  • Loic60
    2016-10-19 12:14
    deja c pas un reskin j ai les deux mods et ils n ont pas du tous le meme i3d donc avant de lancer des histoir sur les vols de mod ou credit ca serai bien de te renseigner et verifier completement l exactitude de ce que tu dis
  • Dave
    2016-10-20 02:58
    jesus god what happened to SamNs baler
  • Robert
    2016-10-20 03:08
    you said above in french because you cant speak english its not SamNs mod so why does it say Fusion 2 then as that too was SamNs baler oh wait you didnt think about it did you ,
  • Patrick
    2016-10-20 13:38
    I came on this site today looking for something different and found this, comments said its SamNs other says its not and watch what you say before comment, well i download this baler unzipped and BANG there in black and white says fusion2 and we all know it was SamN who built it from ground up, there you go discussion sorted its SamN moddings and nobody can say different and plz change modesc back to english not Russian with correct author
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