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Ford F-250 Utility Truck
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Ford F-250 Utility Truck

This is a convert from FS15 the tow hitch works and it has seed and gas refill in the bed of the truck the rear light bar works but no other lights do but there are no squares around the lights. I found this file for FS15 on my desktop so I tried to convert and it worked I then looked around for the mod and couldn't find the owner of it but all credit goes to them I just converted it from FS15 to FS17.
If the owner does see this please contact me with proof that you made it and I will give you credit.

Creator: Unknown

  • Jkxfd
    2016-11-08 01:36
    DONT DOWNLOAD DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Kane
    2016-11-08 04:49
    of does not work properly. I can not recommend this mod.
  • Madgamer
    2016-11-09 00:28
    Is it actually not working it's working fine for me when I download here?
  • Chris
    2016-11-09 08:10
    cant move camera angle while in truck, cannot exit truck with e or tab, please fix!
  • Mike
    2016-11-09 15:54
    can't exit truck, or do anything with it. please fix as would like to use it.
  • Madgamer
    2016-11-10 03:36
    I will start working on doing that thank you very much I am new to converting stuff
  • Jimmyblues
    2016-11-15 08:23
    Works like a ford...by not working. Map will load with just this mod active but you can't get in or if you do get in you can't get out and when you stand near it the game lags to about 1/2 a frame a second.
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