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1970 Ford F-100 Triple Pack v1.0
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1970 Ford F-100 Triple Pack v1.0

Today we bring you not one but three Ford F-100 Pickup Trucks.  They come in three flavors.  First up we have long and short wheel base step side F-100’s with wooden slat beds.  Then for the third we have a standard side long wheel base truck with metal bed.  If you are looking for a classic Ford they don’t come more iconic than these.

Original Author Camino Kid. Conversion/mods Different Breed Modding.

  • Ford fan 69
    2017-11-11 02:08
    sweet old 1970 Fords with the custom badge on the bed they'd be highboy's if they where F250 4wd highboys had factory 4" suspension lifts hence's the name highboy a lot of them had 360 or 390 v8s with 4 on the floor manual transmission, id like to see a v2 of these as f250 4x4 so they would be highboy's any chance of that?
  • @ford fan 69
    2017-11-11 02:44
    Could you repeat that in english, please? You seemed to have a lot to say, but even google translate won't touch the gibberish you spewed.
  • Nitefire
    2017-11-11 02:54
    They look real nice..thanks for sharing!
  • Gibberishnot
    2017-11-12 09:42
    Uh, it's not gibberish. lol Those numbers are different engines. A "High Boy" is a lifted truck from the 70s and such.
  • Iwantthistruckpack
    2017-11-14 01:39
    hi was having trouble downloading this truck pack can someone help me out please
  • Please help
    2017-11-14 01:52
    hi i was having trouble downloading this truck pack i was wondering if anyone could help me
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