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2013 ford f-550 V1
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2013 ford f-550 V1

Here is my 100 sub truck the is a 2013 ford f-550 flatbed you can attach a plow to it and you can also load thing on the back and you can edit but please give me credits i hope you like it please in enjoy my new rig.

GmbH/ GIANTS software/blacksmoke/JOHNDEER19

  • Blake
    2017-01-30 00:00
    Great start! still needs a lot of texture work, and it has alot of call stack and LUA errors. if you get that stuff worked out it would be a really solid mod!
  • Joe


    2017-01-30 01:59
    This is a bad mod. 1 because the camera is inverted. 2 the lights dint work. And 3 It needs a lot of texture work!
  • Cowboy
    2017-01-30 03:02
    Great mod
  • Hsayar
    2017-01-30 08:02
    UAL functions please?
  • Rchwdrckt
    2017-01-31 02:06
    This mod sucks. It has so many errors that are easily fixable. Why even bother making a mod like this when there's already dozens of ford super duties out there?
  • Blacksmoke
    2017-01-31 04:04
    To all the haters this is the first ford f550 to fs17 and this truck does not show errors in my game i do know that the camera is inverted and the blinkers don't work but I suggest you stop cause im might come out with a more meaner version and what errors that is does have that I dont see will be fix but if your getting lag then its your pc cause this is a high quality model that is bought so
  • Blacksmoke
    2017-01-31 04:06
    i also hope you can keep you negative comments to your self because we don't need drama again like in fs15 and us modders wont release with this drama going on to.
  • Lol


    2017-01-31 04:38
    "US" Modders? Please don't release anything. Your what's wrong with the community. Thinking your crap sketch up creations are "Game changing". Go home, we don't want your crap. Get over yourself.
  • Lol


    2017-01-31 04:43
    Oh, forgot to say. "More Meaner"? Did you even finish grade school? Do you mean your going to add even more chrome and say it's good? LOLOL
  • @lol and rchwdrckt
    2017-01-31 16:59
    First off at RCHWDRCKT, Why dont you build your own model instead of converting other peoples work and saying you made the mod, And next the pussy behind LOL. You are about the stupidest motherfucker I have ever seen. Are you sure you even finished grade school? All I see is a pussy talking shit over a keyboard.
  • @lol and rchwdrckt
    2017-01-31 17:00
    There are sketchup models out that that look great. You must be one of the stupid fucks that convert models or buy models that already have textures on them. If you even know how to mod. And whats with the ? mark after US Modders? Are you really asking if he is a US Modder then making a rant before he says either he is or isnt... Now why dont you do what your mummy says and go clean your room. And you also need to go slap your daddy in the face for not squirting you on the wall!
  • Trump
    2017-02-01 14:06
    needs a gooseneck huckup
  • Haydenmod
    2017-02-04 18:06
    you guys are assholes he was just trying make a mod for his 100 subscribers PS goose-neck hookup would be nice it has worked great for me
  • Zzzzz
    2017-02-05 23:17
    nice truck, works well for me, the inverted camera can be fixed but it don't really bother me, ill agree with others FS17 has other super duties but not many of them are flatbeds that can haul loads stuff strapped down as i dig flatbeds so i got this truck & love it, as for a gooseneck hitch no this truck don't need one that's what the bumper pull 36' PJ trailer is for.
  • Koalat
    2017-03-07 02:28
    Is it summer yet? I miss the warm weather.
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