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SA Production of pallets v1.0.4
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SA Production of pallets v1.0.4

We present you our first mod of the planned line of "Industrial fashion "SVAPA agro"".
This is a factory pallet.
To work factory pallets will need the following resources:
1. Wood.
Production: Empty pallets and sawdust.
Pallets you can sell at the point of sale of pallets (included in Mod) or to use in our mod from the production line.
The mod is compatible 100% with all of our mods. Verified to work on the standard maps FS17 (in the screenshots the map of Sosnovka). Compatibility with other mods will be checked periodically.

FORBIDDEN: changes and additions in this mod. Posting on other websites is permitted only with original link and the original screenshots.

Special thanks to marhu and kevik98 for scripts.
SPECIAL THANKS Blacksheep-RC-Devil for help and advice.

Developer: Svapa-Agro

  • Hsayar
    2017-03-15 07:15
    In the same building; I think "barrel, cargobox" should be produced.Barrels: Beer, Wine, Whey, Fruit Juice, Vinegar liquid food producing factories;Cargobox: transporting bulk products.For example, we can carry 2 tons of wheat, 2 tons of barley (cargobox), 2 tons of water (barrels) with ual dorses instead of going to the factory separately to fill the Cargo box.
  • Hsayar
    2017-03-15 07:17
    Also; Nails are used in this type of production. If Çiviyi is an area where we can buy directly, it would not be bad to use it in production.
  • Jamiehall
    2017-09-09 15:48
    where is the download button ... apart from all the spam?
  • Peter
    2018-05-09 20:16
    More importantly, why is this not available on the Playstation amount the many other mods?
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