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Mavericks farm seasons v2.0
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Mavericks farm seasons v2.0

Mavericksfarm  is a 4x flat map with 21 large fields and allot of nice flat room for
all these nice placeable mods out there.
The map is made with the bigbud in mind,so it became a map for bigtoys.
5 additional fruits oat , rye , triticale , spelt , millet.

Plenty enough to do on this map.
There is enough grass on the map to cut so you can easely have enough to keep the animals alive during the winter (seasons)
Milk don't sell automaticly, so you will need the kotte universal pack to transport your milk.

Version 2 UPDATE

This is version 2 and the final version of Mavericksfarm  Seasons ready

Unless there appear some problems i will short them out if possible.
I added allot in the second version and improved some things.
- cut down the forestry area,it was to big and i hear it makes the area laggy.
- removed the sawmill for boardpallets and placed 2 woodfactory's in place.
-changed palletfactory's and moved to forestry area
-changed BGA area (siloking under the ground for acces with tipper
-and changed biodiesel area
-removed the little greenhouses and created one big greenhouse that produce 8 different fruits
-removed pallets from greenhouse,compost is needed to produce instead.
-added manure,seeds and fertilizer to farmsilo's
-removed all trees and renewed to work with the seasons mod
-tried to label everything for your comfort.
-the map has 2 placeable area's made snowfree , it's marked on the PDA
ADDED more to do i include an xml with all factory's on it

PS: make sure you don't have other maps in your modfolder because that probably will cause conflicts for this map.

This was my first map and my first steps in map modding, now i know how much work this is i respect all modders even more.
This map was a learning proces , i hope you enjoy the map.
After a few weeks rest i probably gonna make another normal size map so solo players also can enjoy a map of mine.


  • Tony
    2017-07-25 14:39
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 14:43
    TONY don't cry, enough other maps for you , just walk on if you don't like it and search a map that you like. Maybe try to make one yourself that you like?
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  • Toe


    2017-07-25 17:28
    Would like to try the map but i don't have any luck downloading from these off sites. If it gets on Modhub I will give a shot. Thanks.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 18:13
    Hi Toe , this download is a direct download from my google drive , it should not be a problem to download, it's also pop up free this way.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 18:43
    Come to discover this map layout is copied from another map, Canadian National that has the exact same layout, except for some changes. The author of Canadian National needs to be credited into this map.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 18:49
    i added credits to allot more modders,but for some reason didn't show up on this site, on posts on other sites you can see the credits. I also don't be able to make a direct download to modhub itself.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 18:50
    https://www.pc-sg.uk/files/file/269-mavericksfarmv2seasons/ here you can see the credits so i have no intention to not give credits to others
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 18:57
    Ok, very good, my apologies for sounding grass about it. One of my pet peeves about so called authors that steals mods/maps from others and giving credits only to themselves. Stealing is just plain wrong, yet, some of them don't see it as a problem. Real shame.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 19:16
    Yeah Deafgamer i can understand that completly , they should try making a mod or map themself so they know how much work it is to make an error free mod.you don't have to apologys,it's good that you stand up for the hard workers out there.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 20:02
    I looked at some of the structures, some are still elevated a bit off the ground. The sawmill area where you sell woodchips still has elevated structures. Like the outhouse for one. Train signals still a bit high off the ground. Have you worked the gold nuggets?
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 20:13
    Found an error in the log file...Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/Deaf Jam/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/Maverick Map/NC_AR_Trailers/timber1NOUAL.xml'.Error: No storeData found in 'C:/Users/Deaf Jam/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/Maverick Map/NC_AR_Trailers/timber1NOUAL.xml'. StoreItem will be ignored!
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 20:15
    Oh nm, that's my end, removing a bad mod.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-25 20:40
    So far, I love the huge improvements since v1.0, the only thing I find disappointing is no crops available on the starter fields. So I had to make do. Too many to list that I love about this map due to comment limits. It's done very well.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 21:22
    The no crops , i know , i had added new fruits but had to remove because it's had issue with the seasons mod. Forgot to put other fruits on the fields. But the ones that wanna play with seasons got all the fields reset to no crops. I'm just a beginner and i'm sure there will be more things on the map that needs work or adjustment. But if people tell me what's wrong i work on it. i'm not deaf ;) i like critics on a nice way and on a way i can learn from.
  • Jj


    2017-07-25 22:16
    dont worry about other people i love your map for a first attempt its really good well done
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-25 22:17
    Thanks JJ
  • Luc


    2017-07-26 00:19
    Very well done, congrats.
  • Joe


    2017-07-26 00:45
    Seems to be an invisible barrier at the BGA tipping point. So i cant unload. Great map so far
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 01:32
    Where can I find grapes?Also, what happened to the greenhouses and pallet makers?? The areas that had them on your original v1 map are gone.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 01:56
    Ok I found them all. How do I harvest grapes? Is there a special mod I need to download?
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-26 01:59
    @JOE i will look into the bgaDeafgamer if you had read my discription you would have seen what happend with them? Palletfactory are closer to the boardpallet factory near the forest, little greenhouses are gone , instead i made a big one that produce 8 fruits. Grapes you find in the vineyard , you have to get that up and running, with a tipper you can load the grapes but use a small tipper backwards between the trees.. For a modreview of the vineyard, find Nick The Hick on youtube.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 01:59
    Do I use this pruning too to harvest the grapes?http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2017-mods/collard-pre-pruning-vineyard-v0-1/#comments
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 02:19
    I've been crashing quite a bit, in fact, yours is the only map I've ever had issues with. My mod folder are all error free, the logs are error free. Memory issues perhaps? Seems the processing shows it eats alot memory, causing my map to lock up and crash.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-26 11:34
    It probably will be a memory issue , i have 16GB memory i didn't notice any problems
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-26 14:01
    Deafgamer , i just learned how to schrink a map , i'm busy doing that and testing, if there are other problems lett me know. Maybe it will help allot for your memory because it need less to load. Still learning ;)
  • Kleeblatt
    2017-07-26 14:10
    tolle MAP, großes Spielepotenzial. Danke für die Bereitstellung
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 14:39
    Ok I'll wait until you release a fix on your map. Can't expect all systems to be equal. I'm poor and on disability, so I can only afford so much. Plus my system is old, dates back in 2001 with only 2 upgrades, graphic card and SSD. All I could afford.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 14:41
    If you could release the map in two flavors, one with and one without the Seasons script. Think the seasons script could also contribute to the crash?
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 14:42
    Stevie released his latest map with two flavors also, one with and one without the Seasons script. I picked the one without and played just fine.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 14:59
    If you use Twitch, you can whisper me at deafgamer1964 to let me know how things are going.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-26 16:49
    the script for seasons isn't build in , only the snowmask but that doesn't change anything to your gameplay. seasons is a mod you have to put in the modfolder. Stevie released both maps for seasons but one without dirt and terrain control,that isn't on my map. Stevies map was half the download size of my map , but i'm schrinking it, so far it goes well , i also found a problem on the BGA thanks to JOE , if the tests go well i release an update in short time. I don't use Twitch atm.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-26 18:59
    Ok hope it works out! Good luck! *crosses fingers!*
  • Bob (wires_
    2017-07-27 02:54
    Having problems getting a full shutdown, with out Mods no problem, put some or all Mods in, I need to do a ( ctrl alt del ) to finish shutdown. Bob.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-27 03:01
    hi BOB then one of your mods gives problems , send me your log maybe i can figure out wich one . You can reach me easier on this page https://www.facebook.com/MaverickDesigns-849500818533102/
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-07-27 03:01
    There is also a reference to "Giants Engine stopping Version 7.0.0 Are we not at a version 7.0.5 Bob.
  • Luc


    2017-07-27 03:30
    Hi Maverick, you think we will need a fresh start after your next update on this map ?Tks in advance
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-27 08:46
    no you don't need a fresh start Luc
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-27 08:49
    @BOB giant engine is 7.0.0 as far i know there is no 7.0.5
  • Ereedks
    2017-07-28 00:45
    Maverick74, I have the same shutdown situation as Bob and Deafgamer however there are two or three other maps I get the same thing with so I'm not worried about it. However on this version of your map I can't seem to drive over the "silomaster" that's where I'm supposed to unload silage at the BGA. It's as though something is blocking the way. I've tried driving tractors and semi-tractors but it's as though either the unloading area is too high or the vehicles are too low, if that makes sense.
  • Ereedks
    2017-07-28 00:54
    Maverick74, I do love this map especially this new version. I looked at the log after I tried closing the game and received the same message Bob mentioned about "Giants engine stopping...". My log shows the final entry being an error stating "C:/Users/Eric/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/MavericksfarmV2seasons/Lua/AnimationMap.lua:111: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)". I don't know if that's causing it to fail in shutting down or not.
  • Luc


    2017-07-28 01:59
    Better check your mods guys because I'm playing on this map with 15 mods & my log file is clean of errors & warnings, and my game close very well also.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-28 17:27
    EREEDKS i know the problem wwith the BGA silomaster, there will another update very soon to solve this. And make sure you don't have any other map in your modfolder , specialy no maps with extra fruits like mine. And some mods can give errors also ,learn to read your logfiles or send it to someone to check it. What you did send is not enough to make out what's the problem.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-28 17:29
    BTw i have 3 people in this same house playing this map and i test my map myself with several mods included and don't have problems, but i run into allot bad mods also.
  • Nate
    2017-07-29 17:36
    download not working for me
  • Twink
    2017-07-29 23:46
    Maverick took me balls deep on field 7 during a mission. Gotta love that guy. Thanks
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-30 03:14
    Update is uploaded, after they confirm it it will show up.
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