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40ft PJ Trailer v1
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40ft PJ Trailer v1

This is the 40ft PJ trailer I converted from FS 15. It is not finished. I tried to add belts and fix the missing controls, but It didnt work. I hope someone else can fix it for me. In the meantime, the trailer works perfectly otherwise. The ramps work too.
Converted by Richwoodrocket

Converted by richwoodrocket

  • Micah1380
    2016-11-24 20:50
    it wont let me buy it please fix and happy thanksgiving
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-25 00:00
    ok thank you
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-25 00:05
    i re download it and it still does not work
  • Mk5boost
    2016-11-25 19:57
    it will not let me buy at store
  • Micah1380
    2016-11-27 03:34
    i wont go to a web site that i dont know so can you delet this and putt the new on here pleaseand keep up the good work .
  • Thomas
    2016-11-30 04:18
    make sure you have the new patch and my version works please leave a comment on here to let me know if it works if you download it from my mediafile
  • Micah1380
    2016-12-01 00:49
    can you please putt it on here please please
  • Luke
    2016-12-10 23:58
    it won't let me buy it.
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