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John Deere S690i v1.0
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John Deere S690i v1.0

I present you combine harvester John Deere S690i for Farming Simulator 2017th
Mod has been tested and no errors detected in the log.

Features / Functions:
-New Real Textures
-Works Animations (New and Fixed)
-Opened The door (IC)
-New windows
-Interactive Control
-Animated joystick
-Working Lights, turn signals, brake lights
-Adjustable Steering column (IC)
-Speedometer And tachometer
-Dust, Tire tracks
-Tank Capacity 14100 L
-Working Particle System
-and A lot more

In pack:
John Deere S690i
John Deere 640FD
John Deere 612C
John Deere Cutter Trailer

* Great respect and thanks to the author Julian11 for a beautiful model John Deere Combine
* This is version v1 (beta) John Deere S690i .Please do not edit this version.
* Please keep only original download link!

Model: Julian11
Textures: Julian11, MarioRoss
Ingame: MarioRoss
Script:Manuel Leithner,MarioRoss
Washable: MarioRoss

  • Itzstewie
    2017-02-16 05:20
    Hey bud nice mod I did notice that the pipe light was not working in case you didnt see it and when I buy the wheat header it has warnings pop up not sure what they were and I really hope you come out with a second version keep up the great work
  • Nobody
    2017-02-16 09:40
    You won't get support here ITZSTEWIE as Thomas is no modder. He just reuploads everything he finds elsewhere on the net so that you would think hes the king of modding. If you want support you'll have to go to the original hosting site, wich in this case would be modhoster.
  • Patrick
    2017-02-16 14:10
    merci a JULIAN11 pour ce super mods la texture et les animation sont bien reelle merci a thomas de le faire partager
  • Removevideos
    2017-02-16 19:15
    Could the first two of these videos be removed? They don't pertain to the mod presented.
  • Kbfarm
    2017-02-17 02:10
    Can someone tell me what map they are using in video 3 to show the combine?? Awesome map!!!
  • @kbfarms
    2017-02-17 09:59
    California Central Valley I think.
  • Alex
    2017-02-17 14:21
    Maybe Thomas should learn to read in english* Please keep only original download link!I think that means do not upload here - NO?Hopefully this site gets legally shut down as it is breaking so many rules every day. Cattle and Crops already have a solution for this website - wont have to worry about their mods being on here!
  • Uhhhhh
    2017-02-17 18:03
    anyone else unable to make it work
  • @ alex eats cock
    2017-02-18 00:33
    Question - Do you even play the game. "Keep original download link" means "keep original download link" not post it where you want. You are not good at understanding basic english. Post your phone number and address up here and lets discuss your comments in person
  • Arthur youtube
    2017-03-06 01:28
    This mod is ok - good looking, but the wheat animation is broken - wheat stalks "dance" along the right side of the harvester as you go. Other than that its pretty nice.
  • Bunch of whiney fags
    2017-04-07 00:53
    You're all so god damn retarded lmfao
  • Silviu1993
    2018-01-12 14:29
    mod video here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SYvgCL7RQY
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