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Ford F450 v1.0
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Ford F450 v1.0

This is a Ford F450  Flatbed Dually.
Error free, plain jane interior, locking script, tension belts, color selectable, bumper hitch, gooseneck hitch.

* Six customization options in the store.
1. Regular front bumper
2. Brush guard
3. Plow mount
4. Gearbox transmission
5. Regular transmission
6. Off transmission

Giants / JRD84

  • Pj


    2018-01-20 16:45 Send message
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    thanks for the good mod ak
  • Akthesavag
    2018-01-21 07:55 Send message
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    @Pj, i take no credit other than releasing it to the public!
  • Choccychip
    2018-01-22 14:41 Send message
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    @AKTHESAVAG Thanks man works great been looking for one that works with no error's other ones out there have LUA Callstacks out the A$$
  • Luke shull
    2019-03-05 03:01
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    this mod is a great mod mod!, i love the sound but.... i think if you could, you should kind'ove slow down the acceleration and little bit and also make it to where you can change the color of the rims and stuff like that. but other than that i love the mod THANK YOU!
  • Jj


    2020-06-02 19:39
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    fords suck bro
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