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Mountain Valley Farm v1.0
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Mountain Valley Farm v1.0

Welcome to my map. This is a micro map and has one farm with cows only and 1 main sell point. This was a private map that I decided to make for everyone. It is meant for small to medium equipment. You can sell silage at the livestock.
Credit to all who made the mods and objects I used in the map
Please enjoy

Thanks and credit goes to everyone who made the mods and objects I used in making this map

  • Team tsb
    2017-03-29 19:58
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    oh mini pouce
  • Koalat
    2017-03-30 00:54
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    Need more screenshots dude.
  • Nrg gaming
    2017-04-28 03:40
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    Do you plan to add the rest of the FS17 features like the rest of the animals and tip collision? I notice you are playing other maps, and the "xtra hard" version of this map is the same thing with basically all the fields removed.....(kind of a step in the wrong direction I think...)
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