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Goldcrest Valley 17 by wopito v1.3.1
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Goldcrest Valley 17 by wopito v1.3.1

On Goldcrest 17 by wopito, edited the map from the original game map.
Farm holidays in a different place and the animals of the farm.

Added the following:
Feed mixer
Wood chipper
Seeds & Fertilizer Production
Milk driving
Bio diesel
Animated doors and
+ more

The Giants, Marhu, kevink98, Nils23, Castor, SanAndreas, Blacky, Farmer_Andy, LS-Player94, farming2001, Andrey, VASZICS, Jasper, Vario, thoralf2002, PP,
and I - wopito
and many others that I don't remember or don't know. Thank you to all of you!

  • Valdza
    2017-01-27 22:19
    fix feld 11
  • Wopito
    2017-01-28 06:48
    This is not a FS 11 fix map. FS17 which modified the original map.
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