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5 in 1 Harvester v1.0
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5 in 1 Harvester v1.0

Harvester New  Holland CR10 90 that not only has the attachment point for the baler New Holland BB1290  but also allows you attach the grain trailer on the unloading side of the harvester.

Youtube: click_here


Note: Je ne suis pas un créateur de mods juste mis des mods d'autres personnes, avant de laisser un sms pour critiquer consulter les crédits du mod. Merci
eu nao sou criador de mods apenas posto mods de outras pessoas , antes de deixarem uma sms a criticar consultem os creditos do mod. obrigad
Note: I am not a creator of mods just put mods of other people, before leaving a sms to criticize consult the credits of the mod. thank you


  • Hallfastrac
    2018-06-24 15:29
    What a joke get real a waste of bytes lol.
  • Nick
    2018-06-24 15:56
    Sacrilege, there's nothing worse than farm machinery that doesn't colour coordinate. :)
  • Faelandaea
    2018-06-25 02:32
    I remember this comic strip from Garfield where he spent a lot of wasted time nailing the TV to the ceiling in an attempt to be more lazy. This nut job just beat that by a million miles. Even I, the God of looking for that awesome technological miracle shortcut, would never dare to let this near my hard drive ... ever.
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