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Fendt Favorit 816-824 v3.0 Final
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Fendt Favorit 816-824 v3.0 Final

25 March 2017 V3.0 Final Update
Hello all :) This is the last version of Fendt Favorit 800 because I've improved everything to the best possible option.
List of changes in V3.0 Final:
- The model is redone and dirt works around the whole model
- New specular texture guarantees better gloss instead of cube
- New center mass and weight so it runs better
- New Interactive Control (IC) buttons
- Added new warnings and also Foldable (IC)
- RDA in wheels (IC)
- Fixed fenders on IC buttons
- Added foldable steering column (IC)
- Unfolding Beaconlights (IC)
- New attacher weights configurations
- Stickers no longer flash
- Added 2 Green texture options (Normal and Special)
- Corrected Lights, back low attacher, wheels and windows rotation
- Now the mod should work on a dedicated server!

Hello all! My Fendt Favorit 800 Series in New V2.0 Version

Something about changes:
* Changed front hydraulics selection
* Fenders and Warnings work on IC
* New IC Buttons
* 3 color variations that exist in the real world (you can see on yt) Working as design option
* Improved wheels and added choice of silver color
* 2 new sets of tires
* Improved power in model 816
* Organize files inside
* Washable is not full because model must be divided better so it will be made in next version!  

All working on basic script with some of my extra configurations:
* Fendt Favorit 816, 818, 822, 824
* 4 Engines with real power from 170 PS to 230 PS
* 3 Visual Design Models (Normal/Black Beauty/ Special Burgundy)
* You can choose between the weight, front hydraulics, adding fenders, warning signs or all in one set
* Diffrent types of Tires. Normal, with weights, Michelin or dual front and rear
* Added Interactive Control(IC) so all the windows/doors are animated
* You can attach Frontloader
* Foldable Fronthydraulic (Remember about it befor attaching something!)
* No Log Errors! Fehler frei!

Downloading mod from uploaded.net you support my work!
Keep my Download link!
I've asked The Modding Collaboration for permission!

Please do not edit this version!
Please keep only my download link!

Modell: TheModdingCollaboration, Marthu
Textur: TheModdingCollaboration, Marthu
Programming/Script: Marthu

  • Nekron
    2017-04-26 10:49
    Very cool and refined tractor only has one disadvantage: the mirrors lag the game on a sluggish computer. The tractor would have been on my farm but the mirrors had to land in the bin. I'm sorry for the mistakes I use the translator.
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