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58 Chevrolet Apche V1
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58 Chevrolet Apche V1

Is a blue 1958 chevrolet apache with a 305 v8. its a simple farm truck no 4wd drive. hope you  enjoy

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  • Fsreviews
    2017-08-14 13:45
    Reviewed here's the link https://youtu.be/YHNwfX22Xpo
  • Silviu1993
    2017-08-14 22:33
    mod video here,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGM1gJztN9g
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-15 23:28
    sweet 58 i been wanting on for 17 for a while now thanks man, truck IRL has a 305 v6 not a v8 & 58 Chevy's IRL had a 235 inline 6 or 283 v8's GMC's had the 235 I6 or Pontiac V8's the 347 v8. can you do a 1955 Chevy 4wd pickup for FS17 too. thanks again.
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-16 04:01
    your off to a good start a new modder this old truck has a lot of potential to be even better as a V2 & on up with more detailed textures & better tires/rims & such as well as a 4wd option (NAPCO power pack 4wd on real 4wd 58's)
  • Iplay
    2017-08-18 01:04
    thanks man i had more engines all mixed up
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-18 01:14
    your very welcome man, one thing that needs improvement is the rear axle it doesn't line up with the wheels i tried to fix it but cant for some reason, design option 3 is my favorite with the black steel rims, again id love to see a 55 Chevy pickup & a 59 to go with this one only difference between real 58 & 59 Chevy's is the 59's hood emblem is slightly bigger only difference is all, i got a 49 wrecker for 17 i found online to go with this one in my mods folder.
  • Iplay
    2017-08-18 01:56
    it causes the axle is connected theleafs as one peace
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-18 05:17
    i see that explains why i couldn't fix the rear axle then, there's a fix for it just have to find it, i know where there's a real 58 2wd i can snag for $800 in decent shape
  • Iplay
    2017-08-18 20:39
    i'm going to make a v2
  • Iplay
    2017-08-18 20:41
    where did you find that 49 wrecker
  • Zzzzz
    2017-08-18 21:33
    i found my 49 wrecker on either fs17.co or mod land i cant rmember it needs a lot of work though but would be a fun project i simply use it for astatic object/decoration on my maps as it has no interior or interior , your 58 has those.
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