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Case Patriot 250 Extreme v1.0
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Case Patriot 250 Extreme v1.0

- Motor 177 HP
- Working Width 27 Meters
- 2500 Liters Capacity
- BR Version
- Motor 177 CV
- Barras de 27 metros
- Tanque de 2500 litros

For├ža Bruta Modding, GIANTS.

  • Sturdy
    2018-10-06 01:57
    Error: Can't load resource 'H:/karty/mods/Case_Patriot_250_Extreme/Texturas/shared/dirt_normal.png'.H:/karty/mods/ase_Patriot_250_Extreme/Patriot.i3d (2821.12) msIndex: Index: Warning: Old shape file format version found 'kaercherHDS918-4M.i3d.shapes'.
  • @sturdy
    2018-10-06 15:45
    Why not fix those errors yourself instead of whining like a little bitch? Those are literally the simplest errors there are to fix. Unless you're simply too retarded that is. It doesn't even take 2 minutes to fix those. Get on with your life instead of looking for every meaningless fault you can in everyone else's work. Useless prick.
  • Tim121672
    2018-10-14 04:17
    I agree STURDY is a troll. 99.9% of the time he points out errors that don't even affect game play. He hasn't even made a mod for 17 probably due to the fact that his mods in 15 sucked bad and were junk. He really needs to get a life and quit trolling this site.
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