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Mavericksfarm V1
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Mavericksfarm V1

MavericksfarmV1  is a 4x flat map with 21 large fields and allot of nice flat room for
all these nice placebal mods out there.
The map is made with the bigbud in mind,so it became a map for bigtoys.
5 additional fruits oat , rye , triticale , spelt , millet.
Plenty enough to do on this map.
There is enough grass around the fields to cut for the animals,bales etcetera
Milk don't sell automaticly, so you will need something like the kotte universal pack to transport your milk.
These are my first steps in the modding world, i worked a long time on the map but finally i think it's good to go.
I don't think this map is perfect,but i'm still learning , so if something is wrong, i'm open for good advice.
All credits go to all the real modders that made all the things i could use in the map, i just putted them in.
Allot credits goes also to the scriptmakers. Without them it wasn't possible at all.
If you want your name in the credits, just lett me know, i'm pretty new at this.
And please enjoy the map.


  • Name
    2017-06-26 19:22
    bonjour.on ne peut pas acheter de matériel, "emplacement de livraison bloqué,veuillez déplacer votre matériel".Pourtant il n'y a plus rien.pouvez-vous y remédier. Merci
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-26 19:26
    i'm sorry , i don't understand francais , write in english please.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-06-26 19:52
    The map will not do a shutdown, loads okay, but as stated will not complete it`s shutdown operation Bob.
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-26 19:57
    Bob , look in your logs for errors sometimes another mod can give errors and be sure there isn't another modmap in your mods , that also can give problems.
  • Big farmer
    2017-06-26 20:09
    This mod needs to be downloaded to modhub for downloading.
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-26 20:15
    how do you mean Big farmer? a direct downlaod from modhub? I don't know how to do that.
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-26 22:00
    If enough people like the map , i'm planning to add allot more industry to the map.
  • Joe


    2017-06-27 00:36
    Please for the love of God if you add industry make it so we don't have to do pallets for everything. I don't do the logging part of the game at all.
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-06-27 01:16
    @Maverick74...I have tried with and without mods, the map still will not do a shutdown, My log file shows a listing for "animation Map" Bad argument ... what version do we need for your map. could you include in a D/L package.Also I need to know where to add a line to " I3D" file to increase the Fill rate to the Trains Etc. Also agree with Joe.
  • Stan
    2017-06-27 01:37
    Not downloaded yet but looking great. Waiting for more industry but here i´m beside with Joe: Please no pallets! I´m hating to transport pallets for every thing on a map. Flour for bakery on pallets, milk for bakery on pallets an so on. No time to do other things :( . Only drive over the map with pallets but who should harvest the grain for flour? By the way, I´m singleplayer ;))Sorry for my bad english, i´m from germanygreetingsStan
  • Bob (wires)
    2017-06-27 02:31
    @Maverick74....Found out why map would not Close Down,Your map has a "source File " for "animation Map" So we do not need it in as a "Mod"Corrected. So as far as I see the Storage Locations all look as if they have a "Default value for loading the Train Cars Etc.I need you to tell me where I can add the " attribute line ( fillLitersperSecond ) for these locations,Reason is that my cars hold 25 million units. Bob.
  • Joe


    2017-06-27 03:47
    I have been playing for about an hr and so far great map! Stan I am also single player and it is aggravating isn't it.
  • Name
    2017-06-27 04:40
    is don't work with seasons mod
  • Bradaz
    2017-06-27 05:05
    First of all. This is a great map! i love it. great initial release of the map. do you have a facebook page or website for your map to report bugs?
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-27 08:54
    The indusrty i add is made by other modders , and allot of these asks for pallets.But i will keep it in mind and try to find more without pallets.For the seasons mod , i have to find out how to prepare the map for that. Like i said , this my first time to create anything, still learning.You don't need additional scripts for this map to play. The filllitersperseconde i also will look into .But 25 million is badass
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-27 09:14
    I made a page to report bugs or give me tips suggestions etcetera : https://www.facebook.com/MaverickDesigns-849500818533102/
  • Bob(wires)
    2017-06-27 14:01
    @mavrick74...Look at the Map "River Po by Vaszicks" it has all kinds of Factory Operations, product Only, no skids needed . Bob
  • Deafgamer
    2017-06-27 18:55
    Great map and surprised to find it with no errors. My biggest beef with new maps with authors that always seem to release maps loaded with errors and warnings. Yes I'd love to see more factories with a pallet factory that makes plenty.
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-27 22:11
    @Bob , i took a quick look at river po , not really realistic to load yoghurt or cake like you load wheat. i'm not really into unrealistic productions. What i can do is you don't need to make for every producion emptypallets . But you can use mods with autoload to transport the full pallets if you don't like to use skids. At the other hand if you want productions , productions take more work. You want it you got to work for it ;)
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-27 22:13
    @deafgamer, i had allot of headache to solve errors and warnings, i didn't wanna release the map with any warnings or errors. Thanks for the compliment
  • Papaneale
    2017-06-27 22:55
    hello great map love how you have done with the lay out i just one thing i not like is the big tall wall's at the main farm were we start in i give you 4 star's out of 5 but if you change the big walls out or put old farm fences in then i give you 5 out 5 star's
  • Joe


    2017-06-27 23:28
    So far I love this map. Stevies Cherry Hills has the best BGA I have ever played on. Hes very active on facebook maybe he would be willing to help you out. Great job on your map!!
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-28 01:36
    thx papaneale :)and thx Joe , thx for the advice, always a good idea to contact a experienced modder.I learned allot on youtube watching vids, specially Shywizard's vids did help allot.
  • Papaneale
    2017-06-28 03:01
    always welcome maverick also check your pm in facebook please thanks
  • Cotton bales?
    2017-06-28 06:16
    How you get COTTON BALES from this Contest Mod? https://youtu.be/WTfz2VJdh28?t=6m29s
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-28 11:45
    there is no cotton on this map if that's the question.
  • Why not?
    2017-06-28 14:34
    Why you no add Cotton? How are they doing this with this MOD??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GdTCuWPJZ8
  • Olive
    2017-06-29 18:46
    hello.we cannot buy material, "blocked location of delivery, please move your material" .So it does not have anymore .Can you there to remedy it. Thank you
  • Maverick74
    2017-06-29 22:11
    Olive, if on the store is to much vehicles you can't buy more, just move them to another spot or sell what you don't want. I can't do that for you.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-01 06:02
    I found alot of structures that was raised too high and GEed them all back down. They look great now.
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-01 12:27
    You mean the scale or are they floating?
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-08 08:16
    Floating. They were raised a bit too high above the ground. I lowered them all to touch surface base. Some ramps was too hard to access as I was bumping into them instead of rolling up to them. They're all ok now.
  • Deafgamer
    2017-07-08 08:26
    As for the 100 nuggets, same problem, but not gonna hunt them all down and lower them to surface. But then again, they are easier to spot, made my 1 million in no time. LOL!
  • Ereedks
    2017-07-17 06:00
    @Maverick74, what I think Big Farmer means is you can upload this directly onto Modhub. There are many (myself included) who would like to try your map but I'm not using that fricking stupid uploadfiles.eu. They attempt to load pages that my anti-virus blocks because there is malware on the pop-up pages. If they're doing this to me, what kind of malware do you suppose you now have because you used their site??
  • Maverick74
    2017-07-17 14:11
    ereedks i tried to upload on modhub nut can't seem to find out how to do it, within a week , maybe 2 version 2 comes out with allot more to do. I will make sure to get it on modhub itself but have to find out how.
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