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Union Pacific Train v1
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Union Pacific Train v1

This a reskin train I downloaded from another site and I reskinned it to a different American train, Union Pacific
You need to open the farming simulator game folder and replace the train fill in the vehicles file and replace or remove the train file and replace with this one.
If and when you play multiplayer  They don't need to have file. the game will put the default train in for them and all they see is the default train.

reskinned by jb3pc4sale
Downloaded it from Cowboy
BcBuhler - model and original textures
ccs101 - convert to i3d and configure for the game
Ross W. - New textures

  • Sweet
    2017-02-08 10:24
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    nice train and dam it works too good job that cowboy dude i know him he pretty cool but some times can be a ass hat
  • Waterboy
    2017-02-08 10:41
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    Nice work. Can anyone tell me how install PalettenWagon and make it work?
  • Brownthumb
    2017-02-08 10:55
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    nice job, now if someone would come up with an old black smoke belching locomotive from the old west would make my day.
  • Rolam
    2017-02-08 11:57
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    very nice job
  • Guest
    2017-02-08 19:13
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    This train is sweet, thanks. Just wondering if you have any plans to make a CN train for Canadian rail fans. I see these CN trains all the time, would be cool to see and drive one in game.
  • Poorkid787
    2017-02-12 01:16
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    Same CN rail lines all over my area
  • Csx68
    2017-02-17 03:15
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    DM&E is canadian as of 2005 i went to the purchase confrence as a representative for SD
  • Jb3pc4sale
    2017-02-17 19:11
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    You need to go to AEM forum and see the other trains in downloads
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