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Police Harvester and Headers v1.0.0.0
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Police Harvester and Headers v1.0.0.0

This is a New Holland Police Harvester with 9 meter corn header and 45ft grain header.  It has 100,000 capacity, very fast discharge rate.  Other changes blue flasher lights, police siren, engine sound, and inside cab light comes on with work lights. Headers allow for 18 MPH harvesting.  If you like to go fast this is for you!


  • ои
    2017-02-06 11:47
    Автор видимо ёбнутый человек!
  • Why?
    2017-02-06 17:31
    Why? So you can chase down criminals in harvesters? This is just... stupid.
  • Why not?
    2017-02-06 18:08
    @WHY?You think it's stupid because it's better than anything you've ever made, right? GFY...
  • Bob


    2017-02-07 00:17
    have you ever seen a police nh cr10.90 in real life i would e=imagine NOT very NON REALISTIC
  • Dave
    2017-02-07 00:22
    BIG FAT NO, NOT VERY REALISTIC just some kid with a stupid brain because i've never ever seen one in a new holland sales yard in real life and never will
  • Ron410
    2017-02-07 02:40
    headers will not load in to game
  • Ron410
    2017-02-07 04:25
    headers load now
  • Max


    2017-06-10 13:05
    XD I think its quite amusing xD hah chasing down criminals in a police harvester xD LOL hehe Theres also a reason why police harvesters dont exist in real life cuz even when theyre used on road without the header xD they still wont keep up with criminals who drive fast stolen cars xD.Still great design no matter if its unrealistic or realistic :).
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