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The Alps 18 v1.1.0
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The Alps 18 v1.1.0

In this version i have make some changes
Animated Splines
mCompanyFactory Mods Added (Apfel Trash)
​Little Forest Added
Rebuild the village
Rebuild the Shop
and many more
Start a new career
Have fun

Giants,Kirezagar,Farmer_Andy,Kevink98,Marhu,TheSnake and the others for the objects in the Map

  • Vbluguitar
    2018-03-29 21:40
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    Littlemissbugs and I are really enjoying this updated version of the map - please keep going with the updates. would love to see fixes with stuff like the cow pens (floating straw, not being able to clean). Its such a beautiful environment. Please check out or videos in the video section featuring this map if you haven't seen it yet. Enjoy!
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