Farming simulator 2019 mods
AllcoastGC Edit v4.1
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AllcoastGC Edit v4.1

Included is a modified Goldcrest Valley Default Map

Version 4.1
Changed some things around
Adjusted fields a little

Version 4.0a
Updated the PDA Map
Fixed the location of the Cows icon

Version 4.0
Moved Cows to main farm with a new mesh
adjust field sizes to make up for space used
changed starting fields
moved silage silo
updated grass textures
you will need a new game to get effect of all changes.

Included is multifruit, chopped straw, cow location change, silage fermentor, seed and fertilizer stores, seedmaster, compost master, etc etc
Increased the capacity of the BGA hopper as well as how much is processed (25 per tick to 250 per tick for players that like to play in realtime)
Please let me know if you have any issues.
Please note that in order to used the Chopped straw, you will need the Chopped Straw addon.


  • Frosty
    2017-08-20 02:50
    add seasons
  • Ron


    2017-08-20 04:32
    Like the map but was wondering why I can't load woodchips on train car from transport hub ?
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