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Amazone Profihopper 2017 Edition v1.1
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Amazone Profihopper 2017 Edition v1.1

Amazone Profihopper 2017 Edition
GIANTS UPDATE V1.4.4 Required

1. Remove Script for Hud (Now using Default FillLevel after fix in Giants Update 1.4.
2. Small shader and texture fixes.
3. Fixed Tip to Ground Feature. Now allows full bin tip in one spot.
4. Added German (de) Translation by Bauer Hannsen   -   Very Special Thanks

The Amazone Profihopper is a great little mower for the small jobs around the farm. With the option to pick up the grass or windrow this is an alround great mower to have on any farm.

New Features and Model Changes for 2017.
Animated entry and exit (Chair Arms Move)
New Front and Rear Light designs.
Brand new indoor HUD including Capacity reading and night backlighting.
Dynamic fill plane
Updated textures and decals
Updated particle animations.
Openable mower deck lid.
Automatic or manual Bin Lid.

We hope you enjoy this new model of this great FS13 piece of equipment.
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested :-)
Log is Error Free.

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Textures FS17: GTX MODS
Testing, 3d Model changes: GTX MODS
German (DE) Translation: Bauer Hannsen

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