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Animals x2 Blank Starter v1.0.0.1
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Animals x2 Blank Starter v1.0.0.1

Welcome to Animals x2 Blank Starter map.
This is a blank starter map with advanced animal script by Blacksheep modding.
I have put the script in to this map for anybody that is finding this script difficult.
Reset ground collision set ground level to 100.
1 field you own.
When go into map original animals will be on left animals 2 on right.
Info layers for animals 2 (cow2 infolayer 4) (pig2 infolayer 5) (sheep2 infolayer 6)
I have also left lizard pickup as no shop on map.
Map has error free log.
Please feel free to edit,rename and upload again.
Would like to see what ideas other modders may create.
Thanks and have fun.

Blacksheep Modding

  • Hhh


    2018-05-17 04:17
    can you make a blank map with the animals in one corner of the map so i could just use placables to make my farm and put in a veicle store so i can buy vehicles i dont know how to do modding but i really like this game thank you
  • Guest
    2018-06-05 06:46
    nice work. i could use the files you put in i3d file.and the directions needed to put them there. am working on 4x map, it would be nice to have them in it.
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