Farming simulator 2017 mods
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-Choppedstraw - webalizer
-Realistic mud - S.W.I.K
-Terrain angles - Niggels
-Missions in fields
-New terrain textures
-Cows,Sheeps,Chickens Version:
Fix harvesting bug

ben686(Den Ben),Tautvis

  • Husar
    2017-03-23 19:56
    Very cool map I only have a small problem because I recently started playing it and I can not find silos on corn. Could someone tell where they are ???? Sorry for any spelling mistakes but i use translator ....
  • Joao
    2017-03-24 01:41
    Hello. I canĀ“t open the map.it was required other mods to work?
  • Gr4p3k1lla
    2017-03-24 04:31
    whoever keeps making this map forgets the pigs or doesnt like them lol. Also there are no storage silos at all. The ones there are selling points. The cows hay trigger doesnt work and the unloading points are all weird. I edited this map for my personal use and fixed all that. Moved all the animals together and made them a huge fence. Too bad I cant upload a pic to show you guys lol maybe ill do a video and post it here. I love this map so i'll just keep fixing it for myself
  • Gr4pek1lla
    2017-03-24 04:48
    Disregard that last ^^^^ comment. I thought this map was Buhalovo.
  • Emris
    2017-03-25 19:13
    The map would be very cool if it were not for one big flaw and it was the lack of a farm.(https://translate.google.com)
  • Blacky
    2017-03-26 07:51
    tautvis is a 15 year old kid that steals other people's map mod and screws them up so nothing works on and put virus on it he fucks up everybody's map mod that steals and put his name on it when he never made it that's why nothing works and missing buildings and animals
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