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[Beta] Fuchs MHL 350 Kurz A Helmer V1.0
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[Beta] Fuchs MHL 350 Kurz A Helmer V1.0

Fuchs MHL 350 Kurz A Helmer ist ein Umschlagsbagger zum Umschalgen von Stämmen.
Standart Kransteuerung verbaut die Kabine lässt sich heben und Senken über die mittlere maustaste.

LantmanenFS , Raymond en fa285634


LantmanenFS , Raymond en fa285634

  • Raymond
    2017-02-12 13:27
    This mod is without permission on the internet!Please delete this mod because the credits not entirely good.Main creator of the mod Polofreak211 is not listed and is his mod!Polofreak211 sorry for this try to reach you via modhoster about this.Please contact me PM
  • Dodoistdaa
    2017-02-12 14:26
    I deleted all the links. And the admin asked to delete the mod.Why was the mod offered for download at NLD FARMERS?
  • Nldfarmers
    2017-02-12 15:00
    The mod was uploaded by a member of our, we will take action against him. We as NLD Farmers are very much against uploading people's mods.If happen again in the future, please report it on our site so we can take it down.
  • Hans
    2017-02-12 15:15
    U all know, every Mod on this site is stolen?
  • Tim121672
    2017-02-12 22:00
    This is a great mod, why would you keep it private? I dl it before I read the comments but I do agree you shouldn't steal other ppl work. Its a respect thing, so don't give me the bs about giants owns it anyway line. that's just a copout.
  • Vectorcmd
    2017-02-12 22:40
    Thanks for the Mod and the Other Excavators from NLD Farmers
  • Lantmanen fs
    2017-02-14 00:02
    FFS delete my name . Do not want on this mod. ffs
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