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Better Minimap v1.0.0.1
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Better Minimap v1.0.0.1

A better minimap that replaces the original minimap in the game.

+ Added Polish translation

Adds the ability to switch imaging modes (plants, plant growth and soil) directly in minimap. These states are automatically restored after 60 seconds by changing the mode or resizing the minimap.

- Color status indication
- The active mode is listed under the minimap
- Automatic re-reading of states after 60s with deduction
- Change the size of the minimap (normal / wide / larger)
- Remembers the selected size during play
- Switching transparency
- Zoom in and out of the minimap


  • Name
    2018-06-03 20:09
    This won't work with the tardis teleport mod and there is no way to turn off the mini-map. Maybe you could fix this in an update. Great work besides those problems. Thanks.
  • Lego55
    2018-06-04 23:23
    He does not work in multiplayer
  • Hubcap
    2018-09-07 14:19
    I wish they would work out the conflict with the teleport mod ( Tardis teleport), It kills that mod ( best / very popular game mod)
  • Hubcap
    2018-09-07 14:21
    I also hear it moves the course play script from top of the screen to the bottom ( where it is unreadable)
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