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Bizon Z056 v3.0 by Grzesiek2406
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Bizon Z056 v3.0 by Grzesiek2406

The package contains Bizon, Heder, Trolley and Rapeseed Table. Unpack this package to mods.

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Bizon Z056 harvester
Model author: Giants Software, Patrick
Author: Grzesiek2406

In-store configurations:
- cabins (without roof, roof, old cabin, new cabin, new cabin 2, urgent)
- threshing type (tilt, massive and new forage harvester)
- reflection
- lamps (original, newer, reworked)

What has:
- Vibrations
- Moving grips
- Opened flap for approach
- Open door and glass
- Closed stairs
- Pod Passenger
- Removable / replaceable covers
- You can get up (better view)
- Moving pulleys
- Real lights (all work)
- Moving axis
- Bend tires
- Illuminated clocks
- New nice sounds
- Smoke when firing and turning on the thresher
- PGR stickers
- Additional stickers / no stickers
- Multicolor
- Triangle
- Clean log
- Weight 59.9 Mb

Z056 header
- Multicolor
- Ian splitters (on approach)
- Realne MotowideĊ‚o Rotation

Z056 trolley
- Multicolor

Rapeseed table Z056
- Multicolor
- Trailed to header

No bans and everyone breaks them anyway.

Have a nice game and a good harvest


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