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Bobcat skid steer v1.0
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Bobcat skid steer v1.0

WMF BobcatS770 for Farming Simulator 2017
Power: 74
Maximum Speed: 20
Price: 49000
DailyUpkeep: 70
Brand: Bobcat
Category: SkidSteers
ENG51INE Model by Polygonish


  • Farmboy
    2017-09-03 07:50
    thx for the bobcat
  • Strobes dont work
    2017-09-03 15:39
    strobes look cool but don't work
  • Strobes do work
    2017-09-03 16:29
    you cant have the light addon or dirt module in the game
  • Name
    2017-09-03 16:59
    Light addon causes issues everyone knows that , oh wait you dont
  • Eng51ine
    2017-09-03 17:39
    This was a BETA VERSION that was uploaded without approval as it is NOT COMPLETED
  • Jippy
    2017-09-03 18:50
    this was put on here without permission as well as some others this person should be banded
  • Silviu1993
    2017-09-03 20:11
    MOD REVIEW HERE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1S0anxpWWw
  • Jay77
    2017-09-03 21:11
  • Farmboy67
    2017-09-03 23:05
    ill tell him
  • Namme
    2017-09-04 01:13
    bad zip file please fix
  • Sean pierce
    2017-09-04 04:40
    i like how farmboy67 is trying to cover his shit up so people dont think it was him but it is yes people the person that uploaded the skid steer and the cat rock truck was him it even has him as the credits on this mod
  • Jay77 go back to school
    2017-09-04 09:06
    @JAY77 according to the GIANTS SOFTWARE EULA agreement any mod released to the public GIANTS then have the full ownership of that mod and therefore the mod can be released anywhere
  • Magnum380
    2017-09-04 18:50
    can u make a 2013 ford f250 with 830 hp with a gooseneck hitch and jacked up a lil, plz and thank u.
  • Magnum380
    2017-09-04 18:51
    Oh and nice bobcats :D
  • Ryan
    2017-09-05 21:45
    Take It Down Now Wood Meadow farm modding know this is up and he is not happy
  • Debo
    2017-09-06 02:41
    This mod was not complete the maker has three jobs and kids the disrespect is kinda annoying. The mod would be on the website if it was released.For those who want to pout about it go ahead but being disrespectful is a ass move. And if you still do not understand you never will, because you are a sore looser that needs to not speak. God bless
  • Ryan
    2017-09-07 16:06
    Debo look at facebook
  • Csx68
    2017-09-10 16:50
    any mod released can be stolen by unknowns my brother is one and he plays ets2 while his older more intelligent brother plays ats ksp ts and fs GIANTS has know idea what is going on so they cant speak and HI ENG51INE
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