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Buyable Silo v1.3
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Buyable Silo v1.3

To tired to load BigBags, back pain from carrying the bags? Then this mod is for you!

Version 1.3
All fruit varieties added (diesel is currently only with the Kotte Universalpack to pick up and is not for direct refueling of trains)
Fertilizer silo added in XL (additional XL silos to follow)
Silos now have their own store category (silos)
Prices adjusted

Silos, each with 20.000l content available to purchase from the merchant.It can be loaded on trailers or can be transferred directly into planter / fertilizer spreader.

Fruit varieties available Price:
Fertiliser                  € 27,200    15% quantity discount over BigBag
Seeds                       € 15,300     15% quantity discount over BigBag
Pigfood                     € 23,800     15% quantity discount over BigBag
total mixed ration    € 23,800
silage                        €  15,300
Maize                       € 20,400

The dealer charged you a Daily Silo / court fee of 150 €

In planning further expansion:
More types of fruit if desired
Silo with 50.000l capacity and 30% volume discount

Modell: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Rebell79

  • Tuck2674
    2016-12-15 02:05 Send message
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    These would be amazing if they were placeable
  • I ca't feel
    2017-10-18 02:31 Send message
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    i agree, placeable so don't have to fight to get them closer to to your farm
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