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BW Road Tanker 18000 v1.0
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BW Road Tanker 18000 v1.0

created from scratch by Cabrillo, free for non commercial use
Power: 400
Price: 32748

The STW 18000 had a tank construction of the company Aurepa-Stadler and a three-axle chassis Magirus-Deutz type 320 D 26 FT. Procurement took place in 1980 for all armed forces and civil-military departments. In the army the use of the STW took place i.a. in the transport battalions. For example, a STW service train had seven STW 30000 and five STW 18000.


  • Silviu1993
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    mod review here..............https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3NyPN0nMIk
  • Noah9711
    2017-11-26 21:37 Send message
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    cannot buy the truck cause it freezes on the purchase screen. do a better job with V 2.0 plz and thank u
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