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C10 Bman edition v1
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C10 Bman edition v1

Not your average C10. i converted this from a mod i uploaded for farm sim 15. seems to be working good in 2017! i will continue to tweak this and post a v2 soon.

Giants and theBman

  • Thebman
    2017-03-21 22:21
    ahhh....highly educated I see. you must be the mod master!
  • Thebman gobbles cock
    2017-03-21 23:07
    I am the mod master, the clit commander. You? You're the ass master, the cock commander. Go back to playing with your two-ended dildo, homo, modding isn't your thing.
  • Psmodding
    2017-04-15 22:15
    Great Mod!
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