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Canadian Farming Map Ultimate v2.0
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Canadian Farming Map Ultimate v2.0

This is the second version of canadian farming Ultimate map, It is compatible with all version 1 of canadian farming ultimate maps. Fixed animals manure, bale mods, animals straw correction, post near pony's gate, Fliegl ASW_391 trailer and more.
Thank you.

Ceci est la deuxième version de la carte Ultimate de l’agriculture canadienne, elle est compatible avec toutes les cartes ultimes de l’agriculture canadienne en version 1. Fumier fixe, mods de balles, correction de la paille des animaux, poteau près de la porte des poneys, remorque Fliegl ASW_391 et plus.
Je vous remercie.

Dies ist die zweite Version der kanadischen Landwirtschaft ultimative Karte, Es ist kompatibel mit allen Version 1 der kanadischen Landwirtschaft ultimative Karten. Fester Tierdünger, Ballenmods, Tiere Strohkorrektur, Post in der Nähe von Ponys Tor, Fliegl ASW_391 Trailer und vieles mehr.
Vielen Dank.


  • Jd


    2018-08-20 01:51
    Over wrote all the files from the ver 2 download, loaded my saved game from ver 1, everything appears to be running correctly, except the Compost Master, Empty Pallet Plant and water silo that was at the gardens is now in the middle of field 3?? Does ver 2 require a restart of a new saved game?
  • Raven133
    2018-08-20 03:55
    I have the same thing as JD - I even started a new game just to make sure, but those structures are still in field 3.
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-20 06:06
    update that fix compost master, water silo, empty pallet factory and a new PDA map.Unzip the file, drop the maps folder included over the zipped map and it will update itself. resume you game.LINK: https://sharemods.com/xgpgo77qpb38/ultimateFix1.zip.htmlno need to start again.
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-20 08:05
    the bale mod has 2 mode, one is stacking to load and withdraw to remove them from the stack, you must stand close to the bale stack and in front for the button display to show, use joystick button or keyboard to alternate between them, then select how many to withdraw, it won't load until mode is back to stacking.
  • Skinnybennett
    2018-08-20 10:27
    RAVEN133 - I had the same problem, then figured out that using the mouse buttons in the bale menu resets the bale storage to stacking mode, if you only use your keyboard in the bale menu then it will work correctly
  • Skinnybennett
    2018-08-20 10:30
    And for anyone who wants to get the milk from the zebu (or breeding cows in the older maps), go get the placeable milk triggers, and edit the MilkFillTrigger.lua file and replace the 4x husbandries["cow"] entries with husbandries["zebu"] (or husbandries["cow2"] for breeding cows) ... and then just place that fill trigger anywhere you want to collect the milk from.
  • Raven133
    2018-08-20 16:38
    @SKINNYBENNETT- Thanks for the tip - worked like a charm! - Weird that I was only having a problem with the square bales, not the round. Anyway, thanks again!
  • Spector51
    2018-08-22 15:53
    so what then is the fix for the compost master ans the pallet production plant in the north end of field three?
  • Spector51
    2018-08-22 16:48
    it also appears that many or the gold nuggets, specifically ones located in the middle of airable fields are below the map plane and un obtainable. any one else having this issue
  • Jd


    2018-08-22 18:24
    Tried the update, i must be doing something wrong, the buildings are still in field 3. Do they have to be empty from production before they will move?
  • Zebu milk tank
    2018-08-25 10:56
    Im having a problem with the Zebu Milk tank since i cannot load any milk from that tank at all. It might need some fixing.
  • Narocq
    2018-08-29 21:04
    Ther is mising a pallet triger to unload pallets at 1 of the gardens. I cant unload my compost at the greenhouses.The first carrot washer is bugged,it only filling 1 pallet and then you need to move it to get it to start filling again and so on.
  • Narocq
    2018-08-29 21:16
    Yes planting crops that need the holmer to harvest at the fields that is upp and down on, dont work. Becuse the holmer gets stuck whit a worker saying that ther is an something in its way.But i think it is just to steap for it to go up.Good map otherwise.
  • Marc
    2018-09-05 06:24
    how does the recycling work ?
  • N/a


    2019-01-05 14:36
    so.....i cant choose the map when i select the new game.anyone has the same problem?
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