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Canadian Farming Map Update 1 Final rev1
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Canadian Farming Map Update 1 Final rev1

This update has all reported problems fixed, Thank you for your help.
This is the Canadian Farming map.
It is compatible with any savegame of version 1, not the preview edition.
Thank you for reporting problems you have encountered, and everyone with materials included in this map.
I have played the map until I could not find anything else myself. It is the final copy but if the need to issue a correction map to fix problems remaining I will.
I have also build an additionnal vehicules mod for the map, It will be issued as a seperate mod.


  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-12 18:40
    Overwrite the last one, no need to start a new game, have also corrected the dog navigation mesh which was not reported and other little things.
  • Lesimulateuriserois
    2018-08-12 18:47
    bonjour renebqcca à tu fais les corrections au niveau des bottes comme je te l'avais dit sinon superbe map
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-12 19:10
    oui tout ce qui avais ete rapporter est corriger, les bottes de foins, blackbean particule system, pony and zebu straw , dog nav mesh, ca devrais etre parfait cette fois ci.
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-12 19:13
    for some reason the text is wrong but the link is good, this is the text from the last one.
  • Lesimulateuriserois
    2018-08-12 21:48
    ok pas de souci renebqcca de toute facon je continue à regardé et te rapporte se qui va pas
  • Defoden
    2018-08-13 06:46
    bonjour Renebqccaje tient a te féliciter pour cette carte , elle est vraiment super , bravo a toi , je m amuse beaucoup avec les usines et en solo , c est beaucoup de boulot , mais j aime sa. je voudrais savoir , tu as mit un endroit pour les sac déchets et quel est le camion pour faire le ramassage , je ne trouve pas sur internet ??? pour toi , merci et continue ton excellent travail .
  • Jj


    2018-08-13 12:54
    love the map but how does the recycling work
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-13 15:13
    you need the recycle vehicule from the store in map additonal vehicule, then you set the truck pickup setting for recycleBag, each fushia dot on the map represent a pickup marker.when full done empty at the recycle centre, thank you all. Truck was modified to handle 100 bags.
  • Defoden
    2018-08-13 19:31
    bonjour Renebqccamerci pour l aide , tout fonctionne , j avais oublier de mettre les 2 mods supplémentaire et la tout est nickel. et ta carte , je l adore , quel travail que toi tu as fait , merci et a bientôt !
  • Skinnybennett
    2018-08-16 01:56
    Great Job.. 1 wish or Maybe for your next Map... Fishing like on the Giants LS09 Map Edited Fishing Edition Version 1.2 Map with Boats
  • Renebqcca
    2018-08-16 02:31
    I see what I can do for you skinny. Also I have rebuild this map to accomodate larger field size, it will be uploaded tomorrow, so if you have asked for larger field you will be please.It is a new map and will require a new start. thank you all.
  • Phrozen
    2018-08-18 12:39
    If multiplayer, there are some serious issues that need worked out. All of the canadian maps that you have produced thus far are having these issues on a dedicated server. If there is a fix for this map for multiplayer, please let me know.
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