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Canadian National V6
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Canadian National V6

Canadian National V6      
I know versions 5 wasn't the best, but better scripts and better understanding from my parts, resloved the crash problems. This time I corrected and tested without one crash. I played the map several hours without any issues. Changes: added new fruits to cow and sheep. Seedmaster, Rafinery and Slow soja products capacity increased. Markers at elevators, gold nuggets fixed at field 15 and a few more things.


  • Trevorsigor
    2017-02-07 19:06
    hello !la map ne fonctionne pas !
  • Albert
    2017-02-07 19:12
    tu doit avoir un probleme moi je joue avec pas de soucis
  • Zicken3
    2017-02-07 20:16
    danke das da sich noch einmal einer rangesetzt hat. und die fehler behoben hat und so weiter.vielen dank.denn die karte spiele ich seid dem sie da ist und möchte keine andere haben.
  • Dmac4w
    2017-02-07 20:30
    game doesn't work with course play....crashes and leaves blank screen
  • Anthony
    2017-02-07 22:22
  • Jp17
    2017-02-09 19:35
    Bonjour petit probleme au niveau des pépites il n y en a que 90 et les champs n°8 , 9, 10 quand on l achette sa plante le jeu merci pour la réponse si nonbravo bonne map
  • Chefcook
    2017-02-09 20:32
    cherche encore jp tu es a la retraite tu as le temps !!!!! lol
  • Zicken3
    2017-02-11 20:57
    You could still build a Kortoffeldämpfer and a potato wash and so that I can feed the animals with it and also sell, which would still be what I missed of ls15.I would be grateful if you would still do that. And still what with the sawmill a running belt for the palletten which fit there more as some have it.greeting
  • Droul
    2017-02-12 03:07
    Parts of this map are broken...i cannot take fuel out of the gas plant...ive tried multiple trailers and cant get it to work...the Soja plant will not take Soybeans as it says it should...what type of fuel does the lumber mill take to make boards?? i cant get it to take anything either...any help would be great.
  • Lou


    2017-02-12 04:38
    Tried to use course play to drop a load of chaff at the silo. The trailer tipped but no product would drop. If I wait for a while, as I am trying to figure on how to unfreeze the screen, it starts taking money out of my account at a fast rate!!! Sorry, but after viewing all the issues in the comments, I won't be pursuing this map anymore.
  • Droul
    2017-02-12 06:30
    I got the fuel problem fixed and the lumber mill fuel figured out....now the lumber mill is full of logs and woodchips but it will not turn on and make boards...it takes materials out of stock and it is making waste woodchips but it is not making boards...also there are 9 gold nuggets missing from the map...picked up all of them that were marked on the map but 9 were still missing...this map has a lot of potential and i like it alot it just needs some work done.
  • Lurchafied
    2017-02-17 16:43
    grate map iam having problems with the lumber it is not producing it and causing the game to freaze can you help thanks
  • Jumbo747
    2017-02-26 15:04
    Dear Guesty,What a BRILLIANT MAP, I love the wide open fields.Got 97 nuggets but that's it - can you fix PLEASE.Good try though Guesty, you have done a great map and deserve all our thanks - Well Done Mate!!......
  • Timthesim
    2017-03-15 03:52
    Awesome map and really enjoy playing it. Not because I'm Canadian but because I like the layout of it. There is lots of everything to do {large enough logging, cattle and crop fields}, but if there was one request it would be to have a Add On of more Land Mass. Instead of 15 fields have a Add On of another 5 or 7 more fields just to increase the acres of the map. Job Well Done
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