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Canadian Village2 Map 2 Final
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Canadian Village2 Map 2 Final

Last Changes: compost master adjusted to acccept included tipper, fill meter added to water and milk inputs, price adjusted, dog lowered to ground, dairy pallets capacity to 4000, automatic water for animal is fixed and free and other small changes.
This is the last update of the village map version 2.
Thank you all.


  • George
    2018-05-25 12:01
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    Really nice map. I found a single problem, when you download anything in the main silo, the amount is not increased and everything is lost. Tested also without any other mod.
  • Redfield62
    2018-05-25 13:11
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    Slt René tres belle map , dommage qu'il n'y a pas la culture de moutarde et de millet comme dans l'ultimate
  • Raven133
    2018-05-25 16:50
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    I also have the problem with the main silo. It accepts crops, but the quantity doesn't change.Other than that this map is very nicely done. I also have Canadian Ultimate which has become my favorite map. Please keep making maps of this caliber-well done!
  • Ol macdonald
    2018-05-31 20:51
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    Ummm Great looking map, pity about it being the Final Version/Edition of it, especially when the Potato Steamer doesn't accept washed potatoes, Plus the same as other users of this map I too find the Main farm silo's don't show all the crops you store in it :( such a shame Rene as I've followed & used your maps since FS 15
  • Tony
    2018-06-03 05:24
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    Hi great map just having one issue with the breeding cows manure pit will not fully empty and goes hard thanks
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