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CanAM 1000 XT v2.0 beta
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CanAM 1000 XT v2.0 beta

As in the LS13 and LS15 now in the LS17

Version 2
- Attacher points set correctly
- No TrailerLow more pullable / attachable
- Light changed, turn signal changed
- Textures processed (dark handlebar)
- Increased camera angle
- Etc

CanAM 100XT ATV:
Maximum speed: 83 KMH
Front and Back Attacher for trailer and lowtrailer
Light standard, turn signal

Beta! This means, the ATV works, but has minimal errors: symbols for the trailers / devices wrong, speedometer has no point, so you drive 83 and not 835 even if it stands there;)
Anyone who still finds errors may contact me or write it in the comments!
Yes mhh conversion, on other sides, one should ask me, however, one finds the ATV equal on other sides xD
Have fun with it

Modell: Giants
Textur: MasterXerion/Graf von Berg
Tester: MasterXerion/Graf von Berg
Sonstige: Giants, MasterXerion/Graf von Berg

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    update: http://uploadfiles.eu/2ctp6grx5a6m/CanAm_Outlander_1000_XT_v2.zip.html
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