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Case IH L32000 Mower for Farming Simulator 2017 v1
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Case IH L32000 Mower for Farming Simulator 2017 v1

Designed for cutting and collecting grass, switchable selection of herbs
- Maximum power of 220 HP
- Maximum speed of 51 km/h
- Working speed: 19 km/h
- Working width: 4 meters
- Mowing grass Animation Animation unloading
- light
- Flying dust from under the wheels, leaves traces
- Soiled and washed
- Hopper capacity 32000 litres

This version has been rebuilt for 2017 version


  • Andreas
    2017-05-13 08:08
    T H A N KS a lot usxi7sd
  • Guest
    2017-05-13 10:36
    Thanks but there are some issues. (1) No treshing particles (2) Working area too small (3) Tip to Ground Feature error. Don't allows full bin tip in one spot.
  • Jacques
    2017-05-13 12:39
    il fonctionne super bien très bonne idée de l'avoir fait merci
  • Ray


    2017-05-14 20:15
    Works great. Very nice idea. Thanks for the nice mod.
  • Bob


    2017-05-14 22:12
    I want to like this.. great idea.. but it just fails in game. If the ground is anything but flat it misses grass left and right. It wont dump into a pile on the ground.. it is set to cut way too fast.. it could be a nice mod if someone with 1/2 a brain worked on it.
  • Rambo
    2017-05-15 09:44
    its not hirable man,make it hirablethis krone is hirable and is also a modhttps://farming2017mods.com/fs17-big-m-by-krone-v1-4/
  • Bobje
    2017-05-15 17:55
    I'm using the v2 version at work that works ok then better function
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