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CaseIH LB334 Nadal R90 Baler + Raker v1.0
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CaseIH LB334 Nadal R90 Baler + Raker v1.0

Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters
Rakes folded height: 5,2 meters
Recommended power: 300 cv
Price: 158.000 €
Daily maintenance: 130 €
Rakes adapts to the ground

i'm not the original author, just remoded it with the giants editor from 2015 to 2017
they are the real authors
Baler: Giants
Rake: JavierZzS

  • What
    2016-11-14 23:36
    Why does it have gokart wheels?
  • Cosreski
    2016-11-14 23:53
    Could you do the same with a forage wagon but leave out the go cart wheels and if you can do another baler with the default wheels please........DelMarValous Farmski
  • Sheldon
    2016-11-15 15:49
    You are faulty converting mod... don't continue, search other hobby please...
  • Javierzzs
    2016-11-15 20:35
    Vamos a ver niñato, si robas algo por lo menos hazlo bien, que menuda chapuza te has cascado, las ruedas pequeñas, que?, como tu cerebro?Let's see little boy, if you steal something at least do it right, what a fudge you've cashed, small wheels, what, like your brain?Voyons voir niñato, si vous voler quelque chose au moins faire les choses, que vous avez bâclé minuscules grêles, les petites roues qui?, Comme votre cerveau?
  • Javierzzs
    2016-11-15 20:37
    Mal sehen, niñato, wenn Sie etwas zumindest machen es richtig zu stehlen, dass Sie, dass winzige blechern, kleine Räder verpfuscht haben?, Wie Ihr Gehirn?Vamos ver niñato, se você roubar alguma coisa, pelo menos, fazê-lo direito, que você já estragou pequenos tinny pequenas rodas, que?, Como o seu cérebro?讓我們來看看niñato,如果你偷東西,至少做對了,你已經拙劣的小尖細,小輪子嗎?作為你的大腦?
  • Javierzzs
    2016-11-15 20:42
    例えば、あなたが何かを盗む場合は、少なくともあなたの脳のように、あなたは小さな安っぽい、小さな車輪をその?しくじったので、右のそれを行うには、niñato見てみましょうか?دعونا نرى niñato، إذا كنت سرقة شيء ما على الأقل تفعل ذلك الحق، بعد أن كنت قد الفاشلة صغيرة صفيحي، عجلات صغيرة؟، كما دماغك؟בואו נראים niñato, אם אתה גונב משהו לפחות לעשות את זה נכון, כי אתה כבר כושל גלגלים קטנים מתכתיים, זעירים?, כמו המוח שלך?
  • Javierzzs
    2016-11-15 20:43
    Давайте посмотрим niñato, если вы что-то украсть по крайней мере, сделать это правильно, что вы провалил крошечные жестяным, маленькие колеса, которые?, Как ваш мозг?Ikus dezagun niñato, zerbait lapurtzen baduzu, gutxienez ez da eskubidea, duzula botched Nik txiki-txiki tinny, txiki gurpil hori?, zure garuna bezala dezagun?Anem a veure marrec, si robes una mica almenys fes-ho bé, que menuda nyap t'has cascat, les rodes petites, que ?, com el teu cervell?
  • Javierzzs
    2016-11-15 20:45
    Veremos niñato, se roubar algo, polo menos, facelo dereito, que xa rompeu pequenos tinny pequenas rodas, que ?, Como o cerebro?Vediamo niñato, se rubi qualcosa almeno farlo bene, che hai pasticciato piccoli metallico, piccole ruote che?, Come il tuo cervello?
  • Nukey
    2016-11-16 22:52
    then you remod it then cuz i failed , something went wrong
  • @javierzzs
    2016-11-17 04:01
    Why do you feel the need to translate your stupid opinion in multiple languages???NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK and if they did they can use google translate themselves you flaccid prick!
  • Asrachrom
    2016-11-18 20:55
    have some respect his the original author of the baler and that other guy clearly made a bad remod of his baler, it doesnt [email protected] hope you can remod it in working state in FS2017 plzzzz
  • Zorlac
    2016-12-03 22:35
    nul ne fonctionne pas , ne pas prendre !
  • Rambo
    2017-05-11 02:36
    didnt you see those shitty wheels when you convert or made this shit?or you made it like this on purpose
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