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Caterpillar 420F v1.0
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Caterpillar 420F v1.0

Wheel backhoe loader Caterpillar 420F IT for Farming Simulator 17.
The cost of the loader in the game, €: 171400
Maintenance of the loader, €/day: 15
Engine power, HP: 210
Fuel tank capacity, l: 380
Tested in game version


  • Deja vu
    2018-07-09 15:31
    Isn't this the 4th time this same file has reposted recently? How about a mod of a 1905 Best Steam Tractor instead, that would at least be original.
  • Maximus
    2018-07-09 16:04
    salut trop de bug giro rampe qui ne marche pas commandes inversés on ne peux pas descendre et il plante le jeux de la merde
  • Jd328
    2018-07-09 19:23
    I've uploaded this mod once before to the site why are you re uploading it?
  • @jd328
    2018-07-10 03:27
    because your version was crap. this version is also crap. whoever made this mod first was also crap. there isn't a version of this mod that isn't total crap. so ya, learn how to mod before you upload your crap anywhere, jd328
  • Woodmeadowistrash
    2018-07-10 05:45
    Its woodmeadows mod Woodmeadow is trash asf
  • Jd328
    2018-07-10 14:15
    Woodmeadow has an issue with all of his mods, I personally feel sorry for the people that spent $20 on his patreon because they are not getting there money's worth. He releases shitty mods they always have issues. I uploaded his mod to this site out of not thinking and now its an on going virus, I wish I had never uploaded this junk cause its just spreading I do apologize for bringing a garbage mod to this great site.
  • @jd328
    2018-07-10 23:30
    Ya i guess patreon is supposed to be gettin taken down by giants
  • @eng51ine
    2018-07-11 18:57
    Number 1, you don't know how to mod.Number 2, charging money for your crappy mods via patreon is theft.Number 3, nobody wants to see your crappy mods here or anywhere else, they're a waste of drive space
  • Koalat
    2018-08-27 02:05
    Also, the backhoe mod was complete trash as well from the start. There was a reason it wasn't implemented as a default mod, nevermind a 3rd party mod...
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