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Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck v1.0
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Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck v1.0

This My Caterpillar 797B Dump Truck This model was purchased from polygonism like the Liebherr T284 and this model was like a cat and the whole model was fired. you will need a 994f or a large mine excavator load this.


  • Chris
    2018-05-04 05:02 Send message
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    Now That is a real dump truck. You have to take the cab, bed, and wheels off to move them legally.
  • N2o_injection
    2018-07-31 23:05 Send message
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    for that big of dump truck to only hold 75,000 ??? The CAT 725a can hold 100k and its 2x smaller
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