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Caterpillar Scania Stax Truck v1
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Caterpillar Scania Stax Truck v1

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Scania Stax

-This mod was sent to me months ago and I created the lights for it. I have never seen it posted yet, so here it is.

The orginal creator is unknown, chime it to claim your fame!

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LAMBO, Unknown

  • 1


    2017-03-24 21:39
    is that made of lego or what
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-24 22:43
    And your point is? Funny people still downloading it, Still getting views and HEY I have more I will upload to youtube. :) Enjoy hater :)
  • Reality check rambow145
    2017-03-24 22:53
    Never have I seen lambo Require money, always an option.. plus he never has even asked anyone in a video. no wonder why you struggle RamBOW 145, u have to much hate in your heart. Your messsage looks like a whiney little girl trying to dog on the mod. MOD WORKS JUST FINE EVERYONE!
  • Jacques
    2017-03-24 22:57
    joli l'ami LAMBOCOMM vraimment de belle video et des mods sublime bonne continuation
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-24 23:01
    JACQUES Thank you! Its appreciated in the storm of this this trolling..
  • Do you lambo
    2017-03-24 23:02
    LAMBO... People gonna hate when your the best. Dont let the jealousy of others hold you back. I love and support you too the fullest.
  • Spectrum69
    2017-03-24 23:03
    @lambomod good works jealous will always criticiquer but it nevertheless download mods c is fun all the same continues more they criticiquer better knows I find because mods pass popular enjoy
  • Zorlac
    2017-03-24 23:04
    perso , BON Je n'ai rien contre lambocomm qui fait des trucs sympa.MAIS SE CAMIONS POUR MOI... il ressemble trop à un jouer !
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-24 23:24
    good cause we are all laughing at you.. Rambow145.. Oh wait I have mods to work on.... Ill check back for more comments later when I HAVE nothing ELSE better to do.
  • Thebman
    2017-03-25 01:03
    none of the haters can create, they only run their mouth. do your thing lambo!
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-25 02:08
    make a fake account and slander more RAMBOW145... keep going :)
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-25 02:44
    Silly silly... this is gettin good. did you knnow the more comments the higher it goes on here :)will the real LAMBO please stand up :)
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-25 04:20
  • Homocomm drama
    2017-03-25 04:34
    lambocomm, you look like you pretend pass out at frat parties for action. Your teeth are so crooked you could eat an apple through a chain link fence. Before watching one of your videos there were two genders; now I'm not really sure. It's pretty obvious that the room where you do videos, the air in there is about 75% farts. You look like a lesbian who grew up under power lines.
  • Lambocomm
    2017-03-25 04:39
    ha ha that was a good one... chain link fence... very unique comment. Any more comments I can giggle about
  • Attention farming peeps
    2017-03-27 02:05
    LAMBO, I am tired of seeing this TROLL vomit on all your videos, mods and Facebook posts. But posting info VIRUS in a mod, then fake lambos profile, to tell them to click ur info virus link is a serious felony offence. Lambo i would inform modhub and get his IP and give it to an attorney. This cyber bulling he is doing Is illegal inside the USA. I believe distributing a virus is a felony. VIRUS IN COMMENTS ON GRAVEDIGGER MOD
  • Im dedicated to this
    2017-03-27 03:13
    LAMBO PLEASE DONT COMMENT or waste ur time defending urself. You are a very nice person, I have had several conversions about modding with you. Your a true community modder, so what if he has errors some time, Name one modder who had not made ALOT of Mistakes - LEARN TO FIX the mod before you ever even complain... Go ahead message his facebook page with a Question, I bet he trys his best to help. This poor guy lost his infant son to sids . Think before you hate so hard. people got it rough
  • Im dedicated to this
    2017-03-27 03:32
    He posted about LOSING his SON on his website in Feb. That has to hurt far more then any comment about a mod you can ever leave. He is very helpful and shares what he learns with EVERYone. they are being a jerks to a great person(RB145). message him and see how much He shares with you. I wish more modders had his community attitude. Instead they hid and make jabs at a man who lost his baby. You all look deep into yourselves... this hate aint right. He has been through enough
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