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Challenger MT800R v1.0
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Challenger MT800R v1.0

Author for GTS: Pathfinder Convert, edit, modeling some parts: Ekualizer
Update for lasted versions: Kamazist_1980.Challenger MT800R
-Color Selectable
-Speed ??71km / h (44mph)
-Increased fuel capacity (1502L)
-Improved steering (works with GPS autoturn), the best taylored work with the Koeckerling 15m cultivater

Model: Giants
Texture: ooTheMan
Script: n/a
Idea / Concept: ooTheMan
Testing: ooTheMan, Rocky Ridge Farms
Other: n/a

  • Sturdy
    2017-04-25 00:46
    Author:GIANTS Software ,ootheman
  • Ootheman
    2017-04-26 01:46
    Thank you Sturdy for recognizing the attempted hijacking of this mod. I did do this mod and have been enjoying it on a MP server and thought I'd share with the rest of the world. Hope you all enjoy it.
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